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Make a beautiful Leopard Purse Easily

Updated on June 13, 2011

Leopard Print Purse made with Cake Stickers

Make this beautiful Leopard Print Purse easily with edible Cake Stickers!

Cake stickers do all the work for you! Perfect for a beginner or experienced cake decorator.

1. Preparation:

Make a double rope of chocolate fondant, curve it and airbrush every other strand using a gold Shimmer Airbrush Color, or paint with a food safe paint brush. Let it dry hard (24 hours at least).

2. Carving your Cake:

There are no exact measurements, you can make this beautiful leopard print cake any size you would like. We suggest making your purse cake no larger than 7” in height and 10” wide in order to use your cake sticker leopard print without having any print seams.

Instruction for this Leopard Purse cake shown measures 8” long x 4” high x 3 ½” deep.

A. Start with a cake carved to the size 8” L x 4” H x 3 ½” D. You can use a layered filled cake or solid cake with no filling. Fun to make out of rice crispy treats too!

Helpful Hint: Put your cake in the freezer for about an hour prior to carving, it is easier to cut and shape.

B. Slightly round all edges so it looks more like a log.

C. Ice it with a chocolate fudge icing. Making it smooth on all sides and top.

3. Applying sheets of the Leopard Print Design Cake Sticker (item #104). You will need two (2) full sheets measuring 7.5” x 10”.

A. Remove your cake sticker from the backing sheet (see complete instructions on how to apply and handle cake stickers).

B. Place the Leopard print cake sticker on each side of your frosted cake. Start from the top middle and lay along the entire side, smoothing as you apply. Cut off excess print around the edges with sharp scissors or a razor knife. Apply your cake sticker to the other side in the same manor.

3. Finishing Touches

A. Pipe a ½” to 1” chocolate fudge seam down the center top of your cake with a #4 Plain Round Tube.

B. Pipe a “clasp” for your purse or make one from fondant.

C. Pipe a simple border with the chocolate fudge frosting around the sides of the print for a finished look using a #4 Plain Round Tube or any decorating tube you like.

D. Pipe a simple horizontal border on the front of print for a dimensional look.

E. Add the “handle” you made earlier from fondant and place on top using icing as glue for attaching the ends.

What a fun cake you just created!

Cake Stickers are available in many designs such as Animal Prints, Plaids, Stripes, Polka Dot, Stars, Hearts, Happy Birthday Themes, Baby Shower, Weddings, and more. You can create all sorts of amazing cakes, cupcakes and treats easily with edible cake stickers. You can make your own designer treats for a fraction of the cost sold at bakeries.


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    • Abie Taylor profile image

      Abie Taylor 6 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      great hub, loved it. I am a fan of baking myself and this defdinately came in handy!

      Up, awesome and useful!