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Making A Tasty Bitter Leaf Soup, Nigerian Dish.

Updated on February 11, 2015

Bitter Leaf Soup With Pounded Yam.

Making Tasty Bitter Leaf Soup

Bitter Leaf Soup is one out of many delicious delicases in Nigeria, it is prepared with freshly washed leaves of the ever green plant called Vernonia Amygdaline. This soupis popularly known and eaten by the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

These Are The Ingredients For Making These Soup.

Bitter Leaf, Grounded Crayfish, Dried Fish,Cocoyam As Thickner, Fresh Meat, Maggi, Fresh Pepper, Onions, Salt, Stock Fish And Red Oil.

How To Make This Soup.

Wash the Bitter Leaf for about 10-15 min with water, taste it to make sure the bitterness in the leaf has been removed.

Peel and Boil the Cocoyam untill it is very soft. Strain the Cocoyam and pound it, add the Red Oil in measured quantity and pound till it formed paste.

Wash the Stockfish with hot water and alsi wash the Fresh Meat properly.

Season the Fresh meat, Dried Fish, Stock Fish and boil all together for at least 20min untill it becomes tender. Add water often to make sure you have enough meat stock.

Add the Cocoyam paste in measured quantities to the pot of meat and fish, add pepper and allow it to simmer for about 15min, keep stiring as you add cocoyam paste till you have the desired thickness and add salt to taste and also stir properly.

Serve with pounded yam or hot Eba (garri).


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