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Making Borcht for the First Time

Updated on July 18, 2013

My Version of Borscht

My version of Borscht.
My version of Borscht. | Source

Borscht From What You Have On Hand

Borscht is a filling soup and is a Ukrainian/Russian or Eastern European local staple. It is spelled borscht or borsch, as well as other variations.

In difficult times, I have made do with a variety of miscellaneous ingredients on hand. I made some of this borscht yesterday and it was fantastic! I had beets, radishes, onion, celery and sour cream, as well as potatoes and some many spices. Also, I had a bit of meat.

As Mirriam-Webster states, borscht is primarily a beet dish. Sour cream or any heavy dairy is a big plus, but must be added at the very end or will curdle.

Cooking extemporaneously

In my previous marriage, my ex-husband did most of the cooking and housework. He did do all the shopping, so I had no idea what would be available in the house for days he was unavailable as chef. Thus, I became accustomed to cooking with whatever was available on hand at the moment.

Perfect training for learning to cook extemporaneously. I prepared the borscht as follows:

Combine ingredients

I combined the beets, radishes, onion, celery and potatoes first since those ingredients take the longest to cook. I added some bay leaves and ground peppercorns for the initial spices. I allowed these to simmer for about one hour.

Next, I added various spices including chopped garlic, oregano, tarragon and basil. For interest, I added a touch of curry and some roast beef from a previous meal.

Upon serving, a dollop of sour cream finished off the soup, making it creamy and very filling. Thus, I was surprised that borscht is easily made from a variety of miscellaneous ingredients for a serendipitous flavorful and easy meal that is both filling and delicious!

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    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 6 years ago from Aurora

      Thanks, Nell.

      Most of us are capable of working in some way and even find it satisfying. I did lose my car and many employment opportunities.

      However, I chose a place served by three busses (depending on how far I am willing to walk--which is pretty far). These busses also have two slots for bikes. The problem with this is that when each are full, you are out of luck.

      Best of luck to you!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, I totally understand where you are coming from on this, seems we have had a similar situation, I am not ashamed to admit being on Social (welfare) and being completely broke, and I also make lots of stewy things to fill in the gap where food is concerned, we have to do it, otherwise who else would? cheers nell