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Making Great Coffee At Home

Updated on May 6, 2017

Our Love of Coffee


In the 21st Century, coffee is not only a beverage to be enjoyed but a way of life for many people, a part of our daily routine and even a way of getting through our long and arduous days of work.

Coffee is to be enjoyed both out and about and at home, on your own or in social situations and can even be a great way to meet people. It comes in all sorts of amazing varieties and the way we consume our coffee is changing all the time, not limited only to the high end coffee shops we are used to seeing on our high street, but at home too. The industry is booming, and don't expect this to change any time soon!

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is what many people end up drinking, and we don't all have time to make impressive filter coffee or use coffee machines. That's okay, though, and instant brands are always improving our drinking experience in an attempt to compete with the other types of drinks on the market.

My recommendation is to avoid the really low end instant coffee brands if you can, as they are often sub-standard. Splashing out on a high-end brand can really improve your hot drink satisfaction. Some supermarkets and independent stores are now stocking "barista" style coffee, much like you would buy at a cafe or chain coffee shop, and it gives a much more satisfactory coffee.

Truth be told, there was a time when it was expected that coffee in restaurants and bars would be instant, but now this is very rarely the case. It is easier than ever to stock drinks at home that will give a better experience.

Making "Barista" Coffee at Home

More Home Coffee Methods

We are lucky enough not to be restricted to just instant coffee at home and have many more methods available to us when making our favorite drinks, some of which I have listed below.

  • Filter Coffee. Made via either disposable, paper filters or other devices such as cafetieres, this makes a black coffee directly from ground beans, making a nice "Americano" as it may be called in a coffee shop.
  • Pod Coffee Machines. Many of the machines on the market these days work with disc style pods, which you simply put into a slot and hit the "go" button, and voila, your coffee is made there before your eyes. These give you the choice of many other types of drink including cappuccinos and lattes. Honestly, it is probably not going to stand up to 'coffee shop' drinks, but it can still do a decent job.
  • Cold coffee. Some iced coffee and other cold coffees can be bought as coldbrew cans and bottles or iced coffee in cartons. Having cold coffee at home is a great solution, as it can be kept in the fridge, just like a cola or other soft drink, just grab and drink whenever you feel the need!
  • Other Machines. Different, more advanced machines are also available on the market, which can do everything from steam milk for a latte to frothing a cappuccino. Some machines are even advanced enough to make iced coffees or other drinks such as 'flat white' or other styles.

Hot vs Cold

As we've briefly alluded to, there is a debate when it comes to coffee at home regarding hot or cold drinks. Of course, this is slightly seasonal, but the world of cold coffee is getting better and better. Iced coffee is something we've been used to for years, but coldbrew is becoming one of the newest trends in the coffee industry. It is brewed cold, as the name suggests, and this means that the bitterness doesn't get revealed in the flavor, the coffee stays very sweet and smooth and has given another option for coffee at home.

You can choose whether you are going to brew your own coldbrew or buy cans, bottles or even dispensers. Of course, brewing your own can be done on bulk, but having a bottle or can of your favorite coffee at arms reach whenever you fancy it takes a lot of hassle out of the process. Cold brewed coffee can take almost a full day to brew!


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