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Easy Ways to Make Gourmet Butter with Herbs

Updated on August 28, 2013
Chives make a good addition to herb butter.
Chives make a good addition to herb butter. | Source

Making Gourmet Butters

Have you ever eaten at a fancy restaurant where the waiter brought gourmet herb butter to the table to accompany those delicious warm dinner rolls? Herb butters are easy to make at home. The secret is to use only real butter and the freshest herbs you can find. Good herbs to use for herb butters include chives, shown above, basil, oregano and cinnamon basil. Cinnamon basil tastes especially good with honey-butter, which can be made by adding a tablespoon of honey to softened butter, stirring it, and refrigerating it again.

Gourmet Gift Ideas

Making your own herbal butter to give or enjoy is easy, fun, and not too expensive. If you love gourmet food, you can easily whip up some herbal butter and have it on hand for when you entertain. Serve it with a good wine and a loaf of artisan bread or a hearty Italian or French bread, and your guests will love it. You can also make up some gourmet herbal butter to give as a gift.

Make Italian Recipe Herb Butter

To make an Italian recipe for herb butter, all you'll need it one pound of salted butter. That's four sticks of butter. Leave it out on the counter top at room temperature until it's really soft.  Then add the following herbs:

  • Chives
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Parsley

A quarter teaspoon should be plenty. If you don't like a particular herb, leave it out, or go heavier on an herb that you do like.  Sprinkle the herbs onto the soft butter and mash it in with a fork.   Stir and mash up the butter until the herbs are sprinkled throughout. Then spoon it into a bowl, cover and refrigerate.

Serving Ideas

Now, what to do with your gourmet herbal butter? You can simple spoon the soft mixture into a pretty bowl and serve it that way - that's what we do for everyday meals or spur of the moment company, if we have some in the fridge. I like to pick up fancy bowls and plates at garage sales, Good Will and other places like that and then use them when the mood strikes me. It's Shabby Chic to use old, mismatched china like that and it really does look pretty.

Another idea is to use candy molds to shape the butter. Candy molds like the flat plastic kind are fine, although the butter can stick to them. Silicone molds work a little better because you can turn them inside out and pop out the hardened, chilled butter.  You can also find molds for the fancy rose shapes that you see at gourmet restaurants.

Lastly, if you've got a melon ball tool - one of those tools with two different sizes scoops on either end - spoon out butter balls! Put a paper doily onto a fancy plate, spoon out the little balls of butter, and serve.  Your guests will think they're at the Ritz!


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