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Men-Your Prostate and Sexual Health: Here's What You Need to Know

Updated on February 2, 2013

Healing and Natural Food for the Prostate!

The problem with the prostate is this little gland is prone to infection, disease and even cancer.

There are many negative detrimental factors concerning the health of your prostate gland.

It is known that the prostate automatically increases over a period of time, as you age, the gland becomes larger, naturally.

Did you also know, just one of the reasons your prostate may be suffering is, you are applying unnecessary pressure onto the hidden gland, just by sitting on your butt for hours a day. This can be one of the causes for 'inflammation,' building up.

Many guys forget about the health of their prostate, feeding into your body the wrong kinds of food, drink, drugs, smoking and even medication, so therefore, wouldn't it make sense to feed your prostate what it really needs, so that it has more opportunity to thrive adequately?

Herbs, spices, yes, there are some amazing natural aids for the prostate, but, the only problem is, one tends to overdo many of these aspects, without consideration for the most important fact, (when using spices) Never, ever overdo the amount of spices you intake, and always, DRINK PLENTY OF QUALITY WATER to help flush out the gland.

Herein, is a healthy, all natural highly nutritious and very delicious tasty cheap meal, essential for guys, their health, their blood and its circulation and even easing articular elasticity within the veins, and especially, for your prostate gland. This quick and simple meal once eaten regulatory is jam packed full of heart pumping vitality.

Plus, as a bonus, helping to surge your body with the all important, and essential, Nitric Oxide.

By Dale Ovenstone Updated 2013

For the past few weeks I've been experimenting with food, for my own personal health, and vitality, for my prostate gland.

The taste from this meal is absolutely amazing, the dish is savory and ever so tasty too.

The ingredients within this meal should help thin out your blood. No man should be without this recipe!

There are many positive nutrients which will feed your body many essential requirements needed, also, the best part is, the ingredients are reasonably cheap & obtainable.

Also please note: you are about to simmer up these ingredients, DO NOT MICROWAVE-EVER, you then eat this dish as a stew. But importantly, you must also incorporate the juice into your dish & make sure you drink it all up too! (The idea for you to cook this meal is not to overly long boil, you want to cook everything just right, so cook until all is tender only and the meat is cooked throughout!)

The ingredients:

1: A handful of broccoli

2: A handful of spinach

3: A handful of garden peas

4: A handful of sweetcorn

5: A handful of onions

6: A few mashed up chunks of garlic (the more the merrier)

7: A handful of prawns (defrosted)

8: A chicken breast (defrosted & cut into thin slices)

9: Seasoning (celery salt is good)

10: & finally, an egg!

(as an added bonus, why not incorporate a few spices only a little at a time, turmeric, ginger & at the end of cooking, shot in some dried, or better still, mixed herbs)

Instructions for creating your meal: (considering all of these vegetable ingredients are frozen. Adjust cooking times if using fresh ingredients)

1: Put all the ingredients into a saucepan (except the chicken breast, the prawns & the egg) & pour in just half a small cup of boiling water there too & place a lid on top of the pan & simmer ever so gently for around 15 minutes!

2: After 15 minutes make sure the broccoli is tender by cutting through a chunk, if so, add the sliced chicken breast meat & the prawns then put the lid back on & continue to simmer!

3: After roughly 5 minutes (please check your chicken breast is cooked right through) break in the egg & stir over the simmering heat for just a few minutes.

Relax & enjoy your food & eat this kind of meal whenever you can & when you finished please i would love for you to vote below or better still, let me know your own thoughts on this recipe just for men, your health, your strong heart, your vitality & especially, your prostrate in the box below.

Regards Dale Ovenstone 2013


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