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Why Eat Mangoes - Health in Every Delicious Bite

Updated on October 15, 2018
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I live in Malaysia where mangoes are aplenty. I love the fruit and would love to share my passion with my readers.

Why You Should Eat Them


Mangoes, The Fruit Of The Gods

There are many different varieties of the mango. Fruits can differ in size, shape, colour and the degree of sweetness. The fruit has a flat longish seed that is fibrous. The most common variety of mangoes is usually about 10cm in length and weigh about 250 grams. The unripe mango is green and this gradually turns to yellow to a yellow-orange colour as the mango begins to ripen. Ripe mangoes have a wonderful sweet fragrance that make it simply irresistible.

Mangoes are are rich in Vitamin C, Betacarotene and Potassium and are often consumed for general good health and well-being. Mangoes, are also often seen as a super diet food, especially by those who seek to reduce their consumption of carbohydrates, for mangoes is filling and satisfying.

The mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines with India being the largest producer of mangoes in the world.

How To Choose And Buy Mangoes

When buying mangoes, choose fruits that have a yellow to yellow-green colour. Such fruits are semi-ripe and will be suitable to be eaten in a few day. I usually prefer to buy fruits that are at different stages of ripening to ensure that all my fruits don't become ripe at the same time. The semi-ripe fruits should also have a sweet fragrance and should yield slightly when gently presses. Mangoes are best ripened on the tree so, do avoid fruits that are dark green as they probably have been harvested too soon and may be sour. Good quality mangoes should have a smooth, blemish free skin. Hence, avoid buying fruits that have large dark spots or shrivelled skin. Mangoes that have been imported might not be really fresh so do be careful when buying. In Malaysia, during the mango season, the fruits are really cheap and fresh. We get about 3kg of fruits for about RM10.00 (USD2.5)

Storing Mangoes

Do not store the mangoes in your refrigerator if they are unripe. Mangoes that are not completely ripe, should be stored at room temperature in a cool dry place. I like to keep my fruits in a basket lined with paper. These fruits must be checked daily and make sure that the fruits are removed once ripe. Ripe mangoes at best should be consumed immediately or stored in the refrigerator (if there are too many). Cut mangoes should be eaten immediately as the fruit loses its taste and texture if kept for more than a day or two in the refrigerator.

Simple Ways To Cut Mangoes

Mangoes Many Ways

How Do You BEST Like To Eat Mangoes

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