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Margaritas .....It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

Updated on December 18, 2013

Ahhhhhhhh Margaritas!

Margaritas...don't you just love 'em?

There are so many ways to create one with each style or flavor being different from the next, with each different recipe exhilarating and tickling your senses in a unique way.

Just try to describe your favorite Margarita. 

Is it Tall, Cool, Fruity, Salty or possibly Frozen, with each having one common connection being whirled and blended with the nectar of gods-tequila.

No matter how you make your signature drink you must always remember one law of's 5 o'clock lets party!

Straight Up Margarita Recipe

1 part freshly squeezed lime juice*

2 parts orange flavored liqueur*

3 parts tequila- the finest you can afford

Coarse kosher salt

Lime wedge

Ice Cubes

Before mixing the margarita, prepare the glass by moistening the rim with running a lime wedge around the rim, then dip the glass into a dish that has approximately 3 tablespoons of kosher salt.

Hold glass aside.

Pour the orange liqueur, lime juice and tequila into an ice filled shaker and mix.

Pour margarita into the center of the glass trying not to disturb the salt rim.

Now serve & enjoy!

Only use the juice from fresh limes not bottled. It gives the margarita a smoother, fresher taste that your guests will notice.

You may use Cointreau or Triple Sec for the orange liqueur.

Although traditional Margaritas use 100% Agave or Mezcal, I will often use Patron, Cabo Wabo or 4 Copas Anejo for a smoother Margarita.

When ever you use the finest Tequila your Margarita is called a "Cadillac". Ordering a Cadillac Margarita in a bar or restaurant will often cost you 2-3 times the cost of a standard Margarita but once you try a Cadillac Margarita you'll understand why the finest Tequila makes the best Margaritas.

Blue Margarita

The blue margarita gives just a slight twist to the straight up Margarita.

Prepare glass by running a lime wedge around the rim and dipping into kosher salt. Hold aside.

1 part Triple Sec

1 part fresh lime juice

2 parts Blue Curacaco

4 parts fine white Tequila

1 teaspoon sugar

Ice cubes or crushed ice

Place into a shaker or blender and mix. Pour & enjoy. Now kick back and pretend your in Cabo.

How To Make a Perfect Margarita

Ritas are so easy to make so don't be intimidated.

There are many different recipes so calling for sweet n sour, others lime juice.

Experiment and see which recipes you like the best.

While many people say that with mixed drinks you don't need a good tequila - I totally disagree. If you've ever had one made with Patron, Cabo Wabo or other good tequila you'll see that there is a difference. If you really want to make a good one use 100% agave - yum.

Calories In Margaritas

1 standard 3 ounce cocktail has approximately 170 calories. Most homemade ones are 6 ounces so the calories content would be approximately 340 calories per drink.

4 grams Carbs (all sugar carbs)

0 Fat ( no trans or saturated fat)

0 Cholesterol

0 Fiber

If you are dieting, you will need to walk 47 minutes to burn off the calories from each drink or cycle for 27 minutes.

I know that only 4 cabs appears to be too low, but tequila does not contain any carbs, so the carbs are from your mix ( some mixes are higher in sugar and calories so be sure to read the label.)

Once in your system alcohol does turn to sugar so while you may think that because it has no carbs that it is ok for your diet, but alcohol is a calorie dense food and can quickly pack on the pounds,

Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker For Perfect Frozen Drinks Every Time

I was more of a purist when it came to ritas - straight up only. Then a few years ago I spent some time in Memphis where I found myself very attached to Beale Street - the party capitol of Tennessee. Nothing was more refreshing then listening to hot rhythm & blues and cool jazz sipping on a super-sized frozen Margaritas.

Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker is the #1 frozen cocktail maker available!

Get perfect ritas every time!

Frozen Strawberry M

The frozen strawberry version is a favorite at tropical resorts and is best made with a frozen drink machine but you can substitute a blender if necessary. If using a frozen drink machine just follow its instructions. ( my preference is the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker shown above)

1 part Triple Sec

2 parts limeade concentrate (or juice of 1 fresh lime)

3 parts sliver or white tequila

4 parts frozen sliced strawberries in syrup or 4-5 fresh strawberries

4 -5 ice cubes

Place all into a blender and whirl until mixed and ice is all crushed. Pour into a glass and garnish with a strawberry. You may also dip the glass in powered sugar before filling for a tropical resort twist.

Italian Version

Italian Amaretto gives this cocktail an Italian flair

Prepare glass by running a lime wedge around the rim of the glass and instead of dipping glass into salt, dip glass in super fine, colored or powered sugar.

2 parts Amaretto

1 part white or gold tequila

1 part Triple Sec

2 parts Sweet and Sour Mix*

Mix above ingredients and pour into a glass. Garnish with either a lime or orange slice.

You may substitute orange liqueur for the sweet and sour mix is you prefer.

Rita Glasses

Although the shape of the glass is standard, the size and materials that the glass is made of is not.

In addition to the plain 6 ounce glass, you can also find glasses that are hand painted with tropical motifs, stainless steel ones that can be kept frozen until use and one of the most popular designs the "cactus" glass.

Even if you decide on using disposable plastic glasses, remember that to make the best drinks always use the freshest ingredients and the best tequila that you can afford. You should also note that if you plan on using lemon juice there is a possibility that the lemon may eat way at the plastic glass so avoid if possible.

Have you ever tried Margarita Gelatin Shots?

Pure delight in a small cup.

Libbey Colors Margarita Glass Set, 4-Piece
Libbey Colors Margarita Glass Set, 4-Piece

Love these glasses! The perfect size and the stem is a bit unique and what really works well is that with each glass having a different color base your guests can identify their own drinks when they put them down.

CoronaRita Drink Clips - For Margarita Glasses - Pack of 6
CoronaRita Drink Clips - For Margarita Glasses - Pack of 6

Looking to make a CoronaRita? These drink clips is the way to go


Some people say that it's the salt that can make or break your rita. Using plain table salt is a definite no-no and it will actually give your drink a taste which is too salty.

Always choose a coarse grind salt such as kosher salt or salt

made specifically for margaritas. The coarseness also adds texture and creates a stunning looking rim.

Experiment with your drinks by mixing and matching colored salt for unique "signature" cocktails for each of your guests.

Do you find that you make a bit of a mess when your rimming your glasses. You can either purchase a drink rimmer set or purchase you salt in a tin, so that you can use the tin for mess proof salting.

rokz Colored Lime Margarita Salt, 4 pack
rokz Colored Lime Margarita Salt, 4 pack

I love the different colors for a party. You can match your guests favorite color or the color of their glass. It just makes the party a bit more festive.

Stirrings Margarita Drink Rimmer, 3.5-Ounce Tin (Pack of 6)
Stirrings Margarita Drink Rimmer, 3.5-Ounce Tin (Pack of 6)

One of the most popular drink rimmers and is the one that pros often use.


How To Make a Classic Mojito

Although this Cuban delight is not in the Margarita family it is often served to guests as it's the perfect companion for those who prefer rum.

1 1/2 oz light rum

1 tablespoon superfine sugar

Club soda

Mint sprigs

Lime wedges

Ice cubes

Place mint sprigs, superfine sugar and slim lime wedges into a cocktail shaker, add rum and add cubes and shake. Strain mixture in a tall glass ( or margarita glass if your having a margarita party)then top with a spritz of club soda and garnish with fresh mint sprigs.

Traditional Mojitos use sugar cane syrup instead of the super fine sugar. Simple sugar may also be used.

Right now Mojito's are the hottest drinks at the top clubs!

If you have never tried a Mojito then you are truly missing out on a cooling, refreshing drink.

Mojitos also taste quite well without the alcohol and a great on a lazy summer afternoon.

How To Make a Mojito

Mojitos are so refreshing. They do take a bit long to make than many other cocktails but are so worth it.

Traditional Cuban style

Love My Divorce Martini Glass

Ok, so it's not a margarita glass - but I love this glass. It celebrates divorce instead of crying over it.

Great gift for a friend or for yourself (yeah it's time to start celebrating you!)

The ink on the divorce has dried, and it's time to raise a cheeky toast to the future with this comical hand-painted martini glass featuring a saw "severing" the ball and chains of matrimony! The bottom of this colored martini glass is imprinted with the recipe for a "Divorce-tini" martini.

Love My Divorce Martini Glass

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Martini Glass

5 O'Clock Somewhere Martini Glass,5 O'Clock Somewhere Margarita Glass, margarita glass
5 O'Clock Somewhere Martini Glass,5 O'Clock Somewhere Margarita Glass, margarita glass

Ok, so it's a Martini glass, but it makes the quintessential margarita glass - hey it's 5 O'clock Somewhere!

5 O'Clock Somewhere Martini Glass

Catalina Rita

This is a beautifully colored refreshing drink. Not quite blue, with a hint of orange. Almost as though a sunset was captured in your glass.

Prepare glass by running a lime wedge around the rim and dip in kosher or other coarse salt. Hold aside.

1 part Blue Curacao liqueur

1 part peach Schnapps

2 parts gold Tequila

4 parts sweet & sour mix

ice cubes

Mix above ingredients, strain and pour into your glass.

Although there are numerous stories of how the this drink came to be, no one can quite agree on which one is indeed the true originator of the Margarita. If you want to start a conversation the next time you are sipping ritas in Cabo or on the a beach on Maui, ask the bartender how this drink originated, and you'll find several people chiming in with their version.

Margarita Recipe Books

Please Drink Responsibily

Although it's fun to party and enjoy cocktails, please

do not drink and drive, do not let your guests drink and drive and do not serve alcohol to anyone under age.

Thank you!

Do you have a favorite Margarita flavor or recipe that you'd like to share?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Frozen margaritas are delicious, especially when they're prepackaged and you only need to pour in the alcohol. I like mine with pineapple juice, lime, and garnished with maraschino cherries.

    • singlemaltdram profile image


      7 years ago

      nice lens. haha, "love my divorce - martini glass" funny stuff. Margs are a nice summer drink. Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or is my new summer drink of choice though.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


    • Bluesssman profile image


      7 years ago

      A great margarita is a treat anytime!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I love the Classic Mojito, love the taste.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image


      10 years ago

      Looks very refreshing... Congrats on making Giant Squid!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I dropped by looking for a picture of a margarita glass, instead I got a recipe for a mojito.

      My hubby fell in love with them in the D.R. last year and has been mourning them ever since.

      Thank you...thank you...thank you...

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 

      10 years ago

      Crack me up with your intro...I've always said, when I choose to have a drinky poo that it is noon somewhere in the world :-) E-mailed this to sister-in-law that likes an occasional she would like changing up the mix. Thank you for sharing!

    • blujeanmomma profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Thanks for the recipe Joy - it sounds wonderful and I'll have to try it!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Ice Cream Freezer Margaritas (the best)

      6 qt. ice cream freezer


      1 large can limeaide

      1 large can pink limonaide

      1 can of beer (smooths it)

      2 cans of tequila

      1 can triple sec

      fill the freezer canister to the line w/water. Freeze for 45 minutes.


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