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Marie Callender's Single Serve Coconut Cream Pie

Updated on November 13, 2012
Packaging | Source

Marie Callender's is a well known food company. I know the company best for it's frozen products, which is what i usually purchase if i purchase anything with this brand.

Most of her product is cost competitive, but some of her items like the frozen desserts can be a little expensive, but they are normally competitive as well. Especially when you are looking for foods that advertise itself as being made with real ingredients.

Let me just say i love REAL Coconut and most products that use coconut as an important ingredient use stuff that is, what i consider terrible, you know that stuff you purchase in the bag.

So as usual, i avoid products that say or have coconut as a part of the ingredient list. Especially if they try to convince the public that it is fresh. But recently, since i had a coupon, i decided to buy Marie Callender's Single Serve Coconut Cream Pie, from the freezer section.

Personally, i thought the price was expensive for only two (2) single serve containers, but i was willing to try it.

What you get

  • 2 individual serving portable containers

Presentation, recognizable packaging

  • upright, containers are stacked on top of each other
  • square shaped
  • company colors for the pie or desserts

Single serve container

  • bowl, black with ridges on the inside
  • lid, see through, clear, snap lid

The container protects the pie so that it is presentable once it is thawed and ready to eat.

Actual Pie

  • whipped cream top, star shaped, decorative
  • creamy cream middle, custard
  • real coconut sprinkled throughout layers, at least i got a few in every spoon bite
  • graham cracker crust
  • toasted coconut sprinkled on the top

This pie has the usual three (3) layers, with coconut shavings tucked in, so you do get the experience of the real coconut taste and flavor.


  • Whip cream dense, satisfying, creamy
  • cream layer, runny in the middle
  • cracker layer nicely fresh, packed but loose enough to scoop with a spoon

The sides of the pie seemed to be a better pie like consistency than the middle.

Ready to eat, thawing

Must stay frozen, then thawed. Options for thawing, microwave, fridge or on the counter.

At first sight, the pie is quite pretty. The presentation is appealing, with it's star shaped layer of whip cream covering the top.

It's portability makes it a better buy.

Different from the large size regular Coconut Cream Pie.

Graham cracker crust vs the usual flaky flour crust, but that seems to be where the difference ends. Actually i find i prefer the graham cracker version, especially when i have had experience of frozen flour crust, that say they are ready to eat, being a bit soggy at times because of the moisture factor.


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