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Marijuana and How to Grow It

Updated on January 3, 2013


Home Grown?
Home Grown? | Source


Marijuana is the biggest selling illegal drug in the United States.

4% of Americans are said to smoke it at least once a year.

1% of Americans use it regularly and 1:300 abuse it or are addicted to it.

The times are changing though and some countries and even some States are making the use of Marijuana legal. Some are making it legal only for medicinal purposes and others just legalizing its general use.

This means that perhaps instead of buying “weed”, it is time you started growing it, either for personal use or for retail but how easy is it to do?


Obviously in order to grow Cannabis plants which are the source of Marijuana, you have to start with seeds. There are various varieties of Cannabis and so if you have a preference, you should ensure that you get the correct seeds.

These plants will grow quickly if planted correctly. In order to do this you must be aware of the two ingredients required for healthy growth and cater to these needs.

Firstly the plants will need at least five hours of natural sunlight each day. To this end, it is always better to plant the seeds outside. Placing the seeds 5 – 10 feet apart will ensure that as the plants grow, one will not rob the other of its needed sunlight.

Secondly the plants need a sufficient water supply. It is therefore ideal to plant the seeds, when possible, next to a river, creek or lake, ensuring though that they are not located in an area that easily floods as too much water can cause a rot to set into the roots.

In the northern hemisphere, it is best to plant the seeds at the end of April or the beginning of May and then expect to make your first harvest before September.


After a few weeks it will be possible to recognize the sex of the plants. If you do not know how to tell the sex of the Cannabis plant, there are numerous pictorial examples on the internet to assist you.

There are female plants. These need to be pollinated by male plants in order to produce seeds. If they are not pollinated, they will still grow buds and flowers, just no seeds. Many consider that Marijuana made from un-pollinated female plants make a “sweeter” smoke.

Apart from a few plants kept for pollinating purposes, the male plants are usually harvested. These though should be harvested prior to them making pollen otherwise over pollination can have an adverse effect on the crop as a whole.

Some plants are hermaphrodite or duel sex and can pollinate themselves. These plants will generally produce hermaphrodite seeds and so are not very popular as they can limit your ability to diversify your crop.


1. Select your seeds and your planting area.

2. Check roots regularly for signs of rot.

3. After a few weeks, determine the sex of your plants and decide on which ones you wish to harvest.

4. After a few short months, harvest your crop.

So, it would appear that to grow your own “joint” is easy.

Perhaps the hardest thing about growing Marijuana, is obtaining the permission to do it legally.


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