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Marks & Spencer Florida Pink Grapefruit High Juice Squash: Fruity Citrus Goodness! Product Review.

Updated on August 4, 2012

Are you looking for a refreshing high-quality cordial to use as a regular hot or cold beverage or mixer for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks? If a citrus squash is your preference then maybe Marks & Spencer Florida Pink Grapefruit High Juice Squash is a product that might meet your needs.

Are there any benefits, drawbacks and interesting titbits of information to consider regarding pink grapefruits? The grapefruit itself, latin name citrus x paradisi, is a member of the citrus genus. Pink grapefruit are a later botanical development or discovery than white. Grapefruit has, on the credit side, respectable quantities of vitamin C, some potassium and some fibre in the whole fruit. It also contains bioflavonoids, especially in the pith, which have on occasion been advocated as useful regarding hemorrhoids and varicose veins.[4]

On the demerit side, there are quite a number of medications with deleterious interactions with grapefruit: if you have any doubts about grapefruit ingestion being contraindicated regarding your own medication, your doctor is the best place to go![1][2]

What kind of product is Marks & Spencer Florida Pink Grapefruit High Juice? It's described on the label as being a 50 per cent juice product. That seems pretty juicy to me! You can buy a one litre bottle for less than a quid fifty, which is pretty much a bargain when you compare it to many other high juice squashes. Also promised on the label is a vow of the squash containing absolutely nothing artificial or synthetic in the way of colours, flavourings or sweeteners. Which, if you're concerned about those things for your own reasons, whether it's hyperactivity issues or whatever, is probably great.

But what does it taste like? Pretty damn good, I would say. You can certainly taste the difference between this and lower juice content cordials and squashes. I can also attest that, combined with a little sparkling water, it makes a great mixer with spirits! Are you on a tight budget, but still with quality concerns regarding the contents of your larder and fridge? Marks & Spencer Florida Pink Grapefruit High Juice is a great addition to your shopping list, I think.


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      Emma 7 years ago from Houston TX

      Wonderful review which is well shared.thanks for writing.