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How to Eat McDonald's Without Getting Fat

Updated on August 2, 2017
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Fitness is one of my interests, along with enjoying sports. I hope to help other people discover how beautiful life is.

McDonald's is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world, famous for its various types of burgers, usually served with sauces & fried chips. It is actually the leader of fast food concept, with its restaurants all over the world (the second is Yum Brands, owner of brands like Pizza Hut, KFC & Taco Bell). Eating at it means having a fast and cheap meal, while at the same time making happy children who discovered how great is junk food. Yeah, great because it is delicious for many people (I instead hate fried chips & various types of sauces, but I imagine to be an exception) but it is surely not great for our health. Eating regularly at McDonald's, especially without doing any kind of physical activity, results in getting fat in little time, even if it all depends on how much do you eat and how many calories do you burn every day. At the end, there is only one question: is it possible to eat McDonald's without getting fat?

McDonald's is the first fast food chain in the world
McDonald's is the first fast food chain in the world

Why should I think about how to eat "healthy" at McDonald's?

The question is obviously "strange", as eating healthy at McDonald's is impossible (unless you just get coffee and orange juice). Nothing is healthy, but you can surely limit the damages, by having the same results of a day spent in a pastry shop: eating pastries is not healthy, but a single slice of cake is surely more healthy than a big McDonald's menu loaded with sauces and fried chips. If you stop at McDonald's to eat a pastry you are surely not destroying yourself, putting clear you are not doing this everyday. The question you are probably asking yourself is: why should I think about how to eat well at McDonald's, if I can just choose other places? The answer is clear: if you do not like so much junk food, but it happens to go to a fast food with your friends (who are maybe in love with junk food, differently than you), it would be a pity to decline because "eating McDonald's is unhealthy". It is better to enjoy time with your friends and try to choose the best eating solution for you. Here are some advices.

Orange juice is a healthy choose at McDonald's, maybe the only one which is 100% healthy. Combined with coffee, it is a good breakfast, even if small (a little pastry may be added, or coffee cream, like in this photo).
Orange juice is a healthy choose at McDonald's, maybe the only one which is 100% healthy. Combined with coffee, it is a good breakfast, even if small (a little pastry may be added, or coffee cream, like in this photo).

Avoid Menus

The real problem of eating at McDonald's is not just the burger: at the end, that's meat. Eating meat often is not a good practice, but it will not be the real problem of fast foods: the real attempt to your health is the mix of meat, fat sauces and also fried chips. You are taking a big amount of calories and eating various mixtures of junk food in just a meal. Let's not forget your big glass of Coke, and maybe also a pastry: a bomb for your body! So the first thing you can consider to do is avoiding menus: at the end a single sandwich is often considered a fast meal for people who are out of home. Do you really need also fried chips? If you are used to McDonald's, maybe yes... but in other contexts, eating a sandwich, maybe without sauces, is more than enough. In addition you are going to save money, as McDonald's major profits are made because of menus, while there are also little burgers who cost little more than $1.In Italy, for example, you can find the simple chicken burger at €1, the price of an espresso coffee, which you can also order without sauces. Obviously fried chicken is not health, but at the end that's the only unhealty thing you are going to eat: not a mixture of junk food! If you order it with a orange juice, with less than $5 dollars you have a good meal (then you can eat something later in another place, but at the end having small and frequent meals is better than having little big meals, that's something also dietists usually confirm).

Instead of getting the burger, you can also opt for some pastries: still unhealthy, but still better than menus. Otherwise you can just rely on completely healthy solutions, but in this case you can just enjoy an orange juice: even salad at McDonald's is fat! So if you want to have a meal there, you must eat a little junk food: you can just choose if you want to limit the damages, or if you want to eat a big menu full of unhealthy recipes. If you love sauces, fried chips and you are completely used to McDonald's menu, a healthier choice is impossible: this article is not going to convince people stop eating junk food (I understand it is really delicious for many of them, in addition everyone should eat what they like), but to provide some advices to those who are simply not interested in eating too much unhealthy options, as there are surely people who do not like so much McDonald's food, but tend to stop there because there are no other places near and they are hungry, or just because it happens (for example, staying with friends who instead love fast foods).

A slice of cake is surely better than a mixture of junk food like fried chips with sauces and a burger.
A slice of cake is surely better than a mixture of junk food like fried chips with sauces and a burger.

Avoid Sodas

As said before, if you love sodas it is useless to write "don't drink sodas": if you like something, stop enjoying it is not a good idea, while moderation is the best solution. If you instead do not like sodas, you are surely thinking about drinking water at McDonald's. The fact is you can also choose different solutions, depending on which country do you live in: orange juice is surely something you can find in many McDonald's places and yes, if you are really incompatible with McDonald's culture and fear you can get something fat, be assured: orange juice is still orange juice here, with no sugar or other additives!

What can people who do not like junk food expect from McDonald's?

If you are someone who does not like junk food, or who just does not like exaggerations with it, you are probably thinking about going to other places. If you are with friends who want to enjoy a McMenu or you are near a McDonald's and feel really hungry, going to eat here even if you prefer health food is something which may happen: in this case, you are not going to eat 100% well, but you are surely going to eat healthier than people who choose a big burger loaded with chickens. Said this, if you love junk food, the one day you go to McDonald's, just choose a big menu and enjoy it: at the end, a single bad meal is not going to ruin you: this article is just for people who do not like fried chips, sodas and sauces (people like me, even if I like sodas, but still drink them very rarely). At the end, the only things you can enjoy every day at McDonald's without consequences are coffee and orange juice: in this case, you can just stay at home! So it is clear it is better not to eat McDonald's every day: eating a little healtier should be an option only for those who don't like so much junk food, the other ones should enjoy what they like!

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