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McDonald Rules?

Updated on August 27, 2014

A few reasons why I go to McDonald

There are a few reasons why I still go to McDonald restautants.

  1. WIFi service - I can spend a couple of hours on the Internet.
  2. They offer $1 drink.
  3. Every now and then, they offer specials such as buy1 get 1 free.
  4. Their restrooms are mostly open to the public.

What I like about Mcdonald restaurants

I am not a fan of McDonald restaurant.

But I am a regular visitor to McDonald restaurants, and have found a few points on why McDonald is different from other competitors.

In my opinion, McDonald as a food provider is far from being my choice. They are not cheap, nor they are serving food of best quality. They are never good enough to satisfy my hunger.

But I am still going to McDonald everyday. The main reason is WiFi. Like many who already use McDonald's WiFi, I am one of regular users.

For that matter, In and Out, Carles Jr. , or Jack in the Box are not par with McDonald. In my area, only McDonalds are the only restaurants that provide customers with WiFi service.

What I don't like about McDonald

Hamburgers are the symbol of those franchises such as McDonald, In and out, or Jack in the box. I don't say McDonald hamburgers are the worst, but yeah, pretty close to that.

But as I mentioned, McDonald restaurants appear the most public freindly, especially in regard to restroom. It may depends on each restaurant, but the restaurants I visited in the past invariably allowed the public to use their restroom without restrctions.

There is a catch, of course. Guess what what happens.

McDonald restaurants are the place where all crappy people make crappy things. It may have more to do with individual management but I suspect the corporation may prioritize a good public relation.

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Vandalism is not only McDonald's problem. All restaurants or any place in human habitations are subject to that peculiar behaviors of two footed beings, but I am sick and tired of seeing them.

It's like a mayhem of dog-turned-to-man species.

Restroom. Yeah, the place where the nudity of human existence is revealed. I often recoiled from the sight of the restroom mess.

You know what I am talking about. The kind of horrific mess people make in the public restroom is unimaginable. The same goes to the public library too.

I often wonder if that's why God in history sent evil to mercilessly wipe out people every now and then.

That's why most restaurants control their restroom by limiting its access; offering public restroom is a big challenge.

But most McDonalds look open to the public as fas as restroom is concerend.

Freeloader's Heaven

Free! Yeah who wouldn't love to have anything for free?

McDonalds in general allows customers to refill their sodas, but there are always those who go extra miles. I am left to wonder if that caused the price hike in the menu.

I don't know. But I am prone to think that despite crappy people and crappy food, still McDonald offers the best public relations available.

That's why I still go to McDonalds.


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