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Mead- part deux

Updated on July 31, 2011
Crystal clear and packing a punch.
Crystal clear and packing a punch.

Those of you whom have nothing better to do than read my own particular brand of piffle, will be well aware of my first misadventure into home brewing. (If not please read my hub entitled 'mead glorious mead').

This experiment has reached fruition much earlier than anticipated. After all that I had read on the subject, I was not expecting to have anything resembling a palatable tipple for at least six months or more. Thankfully that has not been the case. When syphoning the honey brew from the demijohns into bottles, after a mere six weeks or so of brewing, I had a sneaky sip or two, and was pleasently suprised!

Although it had a very 'different' flavour, it was certainly not without merit. In the back of my mind, I was half expecting my mead to be a smidgen too sweet, it is after all made from honey. This was definatly not the case. I was also a little worried that the mulled wine spices that I had added would be a bit over powering, as I did empty a whole packet into the bucket. Again, my fears were foundless.

The end result has been a lovely, well balanced wine that is pleasing on both the palate and the eye. To grasp a glass of the honey stuff in your palm and hold it up to the light, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were holding a decent glass of white from a fine vineyard. I know that sounds like I am blowing my own alcoholic trumpet, but I am of the opinion that it really does look that good!

I was also a little concerned as to the strength of the wine. I do not, as yet, possess the correct equipment to measure alcohol content, so I have no way of telling, except for my own instincts, honed through many years of liver abuse. But after a few or more glasses, I am still able to walk and talk at the same time. It seems to have an alcohol content that is quite average for a standard bottle of wine

Some of you, I am sure, are raising a quizzical eyebrow at my earlier assertion that my mead is 'different'. Please do not let that put you off trying the stuff if ever you are offered the chance to have a honey based tipple. And the same goes if you fancy doing a bit of home brewing yourself. 'Different' is good. 'Different' can be fun. 'Different' just might give you a pleasant suprise!

So don't be bogged down by all the grape based vinos on offer at your local supermarket. Be adventurous. Try something new. You could even be bold enough to walk into your local supermarket or off licence and ask why all the wines they have on offer are grape based. You could even quiz them on there lack of variety, pointing out their lack of cherry, strawberry and elderberry wine. You could even bang your fist on the counter and demand mead!

Who knows where it might lead? If enough of us do it, us consumers might just end up with more choice!


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