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Meal ideas for busy lifestyle

Updated on April 7, 2012

I wanted to share a few food ideas that might help your busy working life. If you are anything like me, a working mom and a writer, time always seems to be of the essence. Every evening when I pick my daughter up form aftercare the first thing that comes out of her mouth without fail is – ‘Mummy what’s for tea?’ Most of the time I’m blank and there are only so many takeaways one can eat and besides they aren’t always healthy. Dependent on what you choose. We eat home almost everyday and I have to make it a bit variety, because the same menu day in and day out can get a bit tiresome.

Hopefully with your own personal touches these ideas might help you along the way. Some of them are quick and simple, just to add variety when there is little time.

Spaghetti with chicken strips with Philadelphia sauce

This can take about 25 – 30mins to make.

Start with your spaghetti, that way you can be making your chicken while the spaghetti cooks.

My Ingredients – you can choose your own that suit you

Chicken stripes, Red onion,Sweet corn, Mushrooms, Philadelphia soft cheese, Milk

My method

Cook chicken until brown and then add onions. Add sweet corn. Add the mushrooms

Once the above are all cooked, remove from heat and make the sauce. The sauce is quick and easy as its already smooth cheese. Bring some milk to boil, then add a scoop or two of the Philadelphia soft cheese and mix until you have a smooth creamy mixture. Next add the sauce to the chicken mix.

You can now do one of two things dependant on how you feel. I tend to add the spaghetti and mix it all together. You can do this or you can just put it on top of your pasta. Serve with vegs of your choice.

Pizza with Greek salad

This is also another quick meal that you can make. You can even get your children to help. This probably will take 20-25mins

We use supermarket base

You’ll need

Tomato puree,Grated Cheese, Ham,Tomato, Pineapple, Sweet corn, Garlic, Olive oil

Any ingredients of your choice

When making pizza, you can really put anything of your liking. Be creative and let the children make some suggestions as long as it’s not chocolate. Or perhaps you like chocolate on your pizza.

To make

Spread tomato puree onto base. Some people add cheese next but I don’t. Next my daughter puts on all the ingredients of her choice. Spread a handsome amount of cheese and finally a bit of olive oil, that’s only if you like it. Make sure it’s quite a bit of cheese otherwise it will just disappear the minute it goes into the oven. These are just guidelines and ideas; you can adjust according to taste and preference.

Smoked Salmon, oven baked chips and salad

This is another quick meal I make; this is usually on a Wednesday when I can’t be bothered to make anything. It’s the midweek blues menu that really does lighten up my mood. The salad can be of your choice, I tend to make lettuce, cucumber, red onion salad tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and lemon chilli dressing or dressing of your choice.

Vegetable stir fry with rice noodles with sweet and sour sauce

This is a quick and easy dish as well. I get everything pre-packed at the supermarket. You can get fresh vegetable stirfy mix, packed rice noodles and sauce of your choice. All you have to do is add some olive oil to a wok, lightly fry vegetables. Add noodles and mix together for five minutes, then add sauce of your choice. Quick and easy.

Hope this at least gave you some ideas.


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