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Meat & Fruit Pies | make and freeze for healthier quick meals

Updated on October 18, 2012

Making Meat and Fruit Pies

Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie
Baked Meat and Fruit Pies
Baked Meat and Fruit Pies
Cutting a 6" dough circle fits perfectly on The Little Pie Maker.
Cutting a 6" dough circle fits perfectly on The Little Pie Maker.
Filling a chicken pot pie
Filling a chicken pot pie
Finish crimped pie shell
Finish crimped pie shell
The Little Pie Maker from Cottage Craft Works .com
The Little Pie Maker from Cottage Craft Works .com

If buying frozen quick meals is on your routine shopping list, you may want to consider the savings and healthier ingredients in making your own meals using thi

Probably best known as fried fruit pies, this 3” x 5” pie maker can also be used to make meat pies, calzones, filled pastas, as well as fruit pies and turnovers. We even discovered a simple way to make chicken pot pie.

These make fast quick meals that will take the place of the high sodium and preservative loaded meals that you would normally purchase from the frozen food sections.

In doing so you can save money, and control the ingredients, to target the meals that you want to serve your family. Just add more vegetables, mushrooms and less meat, or go totally vegan, you’re in control

If you still think you have to use unhealthy lard or shortening to make the pie dough, just Google healthy pie dough recipes and you can find several alternatives.

Pies can be baked or deep fired, obviously for the health benefits baking is our choice, but occasionally a fried pie taste so good.

In one afternoon you can make enough of these tasty pies to freeze for several quick meals for a regular family. The possibilities are endless; you can find recipes online to make all types of pies and stuffed pastas that span many countries and cultures.

Some recipes will use cooked ingredients while some like the pasties we made used raw meat and then were baked for an hour.

If you have friends or a large family, setting up an assembly line process will allow you to crank out enough pies to stock up several family freezers. The limitations will only be in the making and rolling out the dough and pasta. Many hands and some heavy duty pie dough rollers will make the process go faster.

We found a 6” lid with a sharp rim to be the perfect size in making the pie shell to fit into the Little Pie Maker. The machine will crimp and cut the shell allowing you to use any size of a dough section. The excess cuttings can then be rerolled to use for another pie.

In making meat pies we didn’t like the idea of reusing the cuttings that may have came into contact with the raw meat juices so the 6” lid worked best as it leaves very little wasted dough.

Some adjustments in processes will be needed, such as placing hot gravies or sauces into the dough pocket will likely blow out the bottom as the pie is being crimped. To compensate for this the ingredients can be chilled just to the point it can still be easily be spooned into the shell and then crimped.

We made wonderful tasting chicken pot pies in a flaky crust with this process. We cooked the chicken, onions, and vegetables, then added the cream sauce to cook together before chilling.

You will only find The Little Pie Maker online at Cottage Craft Works .com


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