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Meat Recall in Canada

Updated on October 2, 2012


Dozens of food chains have been alerted of the apparent E.Coli tainting of their beef products.

E-Coli tainted meat on recall rom canadian stores

Real Canadian Superstore, Extrafoods, Loblaws and Dominion grocery stores are amoung few on the list of the recalled beef.

some 1,500 meat products are expected to be tainted by E.coli.

there are currently 10 confirmed cases in Alberta, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of health confirmed another 2 cases on tuesday.

Also added to the warning list were grocery stores such as Zehrs, Your independent Grocer, The Kithcen Table, Co-Op, Valumart and the list continues...

XL Foods Product Recall

With over 1,500 beef products recalled from Xl food processing plants in Alberta, The Canadian food inspection agency has issued a warning to supermarkets across canada not to sell meat from the dates of Aug 24- Sep 5.

the CFIA issued a warning to those who buy unlabeled beef products such as those who shop at local stores, butcher shops and when buying beef products at local restaurants.

With 15 confirmed cases across the board, And a link between the E Coli tainted burger and the illness are still under investigation as of yet.


Should The Companies be held responsable for the people who got sick by the contaminated food products?

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