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Meatless Monday....Mussels

Updated on August 13, 2012

Meatless Monday -Mussels

Meatless Mondays-Mussels

Today at my house its meatless Monday, and every Monday for about a year my entire family have been doing this meatless treat. i got this ideal from a friend of mine who has started a Meatless Monday on her cooking site and 1 month after she started doing meatless Mondays at my home it was a hit ...Me and my family just love it for many reasons, It give us a chance to to be creative in what we pick on this day plus it put my whole family in to helping me in preparing our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinners including snacks, the whole day is meatless Monday and we love it.

There are several news sources and government agencies that talk about eating healthier meals and not eating as much meat that's why me and my family decided to do meatless Monday and there is no better way than to start a meatless day is the day after Sunday ....We all know that Sundays is when you and the family have the biggest meals of the week so Monday is the best day to start a day like it a good start to eating a little bit healthier throughout the whole week.

Today for meat less Monday it's going to be all about Some Mussels ...Mussels are economically cheap in price and are very high in potassium and very low in fat which makes them very, very healthy. Preparing Mussel are very easy also ...What i do is when I buy a bag of mussels I open them I make sure all of them are closed if any are open or cracked you should discard them, then I scrub them and remove the beard ....the beard is the little black thing sticking out of the mussel...Now there are several ways to prepare mussels you can do them in a nice chicken or seafoodod stock letting them simmer in the the stock until they come completely open or you can make then into a stir fry meal by adding a little bit of your stock with your favorite vegetables. But for me I boil a pot of water I add a lot of salt to the water then I cook my favorite in the water according to the package the I set aside when there ready.....Then I get out a large skillet i add a little bit of olive oil then I saute some fresh garlic and some sweet onions I add a dollop of butter for flavor then I add a 1/2 of cup of white wine, 1 can od Italian style chopped tomatoes, along with 1 can of white beans drained before adding the ingredients then add 2 tablespoons of fresh basil chopped.....Let all of this simmer for 5 to 6 minutes then add the mussels and cover and let simmer until the mussels open up completely. When the mussels open up serve them over the pasta spooning the tomatoes an white beans over the pasta and the mussels.......Serve with a some french bread and enjoy!.


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