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How to Cook Leftover Fried Rice

Updated on November 7, 2017
lizmalay profile image

Apart from cooking, I love traveling. Now, I am homemaker, and cooking is my passion. My expertise is Malay/Asian cuisine.

Saute the shallot, garlic and bird's eye chilies.
Saute the shallot, garlic and bird's eye chilies.
Add any leftover chicken or meat you have.
Add any leftover chicken or meat you have.
Add any kind of vegetable you like.
Add any kind of vegetable you like.
Crack an egg in the middle.
Crack an egg in the middle.
Add cooked white rice.
Add cooked white rice.
Give a good stir.
Give a good stir.
Voila! Fried rice is done.
Voila! Fried rice is done.

Do you like leftover food?
I do!
I cooked basmati rice and crispy chicken breast for dinner last night. I saved some of the leftovers in the fridge. There are many ideas you can make with the leftovers. One of them is fried rice. I usually cooked Malay style fried rice. If you didn't have all the ingredients, it is okay. Fried rice is something that you can prepare with your own style. Make it as your own signature food.

Nasi goreng (locally known in Malaysia and Indonesia) or fried rice is one of my favorite comfort foods. It is very simple but delicious. I have to admit that it is so much tempting when you're feeling hungry.
The best thing about fried rice is you can eat it anytime you want. All you need is cooked rice, vegetable, soy sauce, egg, shallots, garlic, and oil for frying. I love spicy fried rice, so I added bird eye's chilies for an extra kick! I used a wok for cooking fried rice. A wok made the fried rice taste even better.

The ingredients:

  • A bowl of white rice (any kind of rice will do)
  • A cup of mixed vegetable
  • An egg
  • 2 shallots thinly sliced
  • 2 cloves of garlic minced
  • 3 bird's eye chilies (optional)
  • 3 tablespoons of sweet soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce (optional)
  • Leftover chicken or meat
  • Salt
  • 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil


  1. Heat oil in a wok over medium heat.
  2. Saute the shallots, garlic, birds eye's chilies until fragrant.
  3. Toss in the chicken or meat and stir.
  4. Add in sweet soy sauce, and soy sauce. If you want the rice to be darker add more soy sauce.
  5. Add vegetable and stir.
  6. Crack an egg in the middle and stir all together.
  7. Add cooked rice, a pinch of salt and stir for about seven minutes.
  8. The fried rice is ready to eat.

© 2017 Liza Ikram


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    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 5 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      Sounds delicious!