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Mexican Food Born in the U.S.A

Updated on November 18, 2012

I love most Mexican/Spanish food, but not too spicy, please. Love the hard shell taco, despite its mess, love the burrito and flush it down with a strawberry margarita, chili is another favorite. But, these often thought as "Mexican foods" are actually American!

Taco shells, burritos, chili, tortilla chips and margaritas are American food in origination. Granted, the burrito, was created near the US-Mexico border, chili is from Texas, which was part of old Mexico in the 1800's, and the margarita, in its modern form, began in 1971 in Dallas, TX. The hard taco was born in LA, in 1937, at the Mitla Cafe, which is still there. Tacos in Mexico are usually soft and rolled. But the taco became famous around 1950, when Glen Bell, who owned a hot dog stand across the street modified this menu with a chili dog and salsa in a hard taco shell. They cost 19 cents each. By 1962, the first Taco Bell opened in Downey, CA. Oddly enough, Taco Bell has tried to open two of its restaurants in Mexico City, both eventually closed, even after ads stated it was American food. Taco Bell now has two billion customers a year and 5800 restaurants.

While many will debate the origination of the "American" foods, both cultures have altered the eating habits of both countries for the better.


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