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Mexican Tummy Teasers

Updated on October 27, 2017
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Attending Northern VIrginia Community college and an aspiring nurse.

Qdoba Mexican Eats

Whenever I hear the word “Mexican”, I always think about food. Since I am a food lover, I enjoy experimenting with food by combining different ingredients to create a dish that satisfies my cravings. Qdoba Mexican Eats gives me the chance to be at a restaurant that has comforting and calming atmosphere which serves fresh handcrafted meals that are prepared neatly by kind and approachable staffs who keep the place clean and orderly in order to please their customers.

Every Tuesday is Qdoba day! I go to Qdoba at Woodbridge every time I have a chance because it is buy one get one free every Tuesday for a meal that has high quality ingredients. It is so affordable that I can buy two complete meals for $10. Whenever I enter the restaurant using the front glass door, my ears are filled with booming noises of the customers. Qdoba has a good restaurant atmosphere. It has crimson-colored walls with cream-colored lining at the bottom. There are old black and white pictures hanged on the walls which make the walls look more appealing. Two side walls are made up of glass and these allow me to see a clear view of streams of blues and purples in the sky during sunset. I feel relaxed every time I eat at Qdoba because the lighting of the restaurant is not too bright; there are series of medium-sized light bulbs hanging from the black wooden ceiling. Moreover, sources of entertainment such as television and radio can also be found there; the radio plays pop and country music in the background. Furthermore, I also noticed how the cream-colored tables and chairs were spaced out to avoid overcrowding and for customers to have privacy when they are having conversations with their companions.

The permeating aroma of intermingling scents of steak, roasted chicken, salsa, soup, and other seasonings that filled the air inside also contributes to the restaurant’s delightful ambiance. It seems like I can already taste the food by the smell of it. I also saw the menu full of dishes with innovative flavors. I was impressed by the handcrafted preparation and inviting service of the servers. I often order a burrito in a wrap flour tortilla with grilled tender steak, freshly cooked cilantro rice, black beans, moderately hot cheesy sauce in Queso Diablo, a handful of shredded cheese, a scoop of sour cream, freshly cut tomatoes, corn, and crunchy lettuce. For my beverage, I always get a regular drink in raspberry iced tea because it is one of the most refreshing drinks that I have tried; it has a strong organic green tea flavor with a hint of raspberry.

Having an extensive menu and wide variety of unique ingredients, every guest can find a culinary creation that will surely satisfy their taste buds. There are a lot of different dishes in the menu such as loaded tortilla soup, roasted shrimp dishes, vegetarian eats, knockout tacos, three-cheese nachos, grilled quesadilla, soups, kids’ meal, fish and chips, and desserts. These choices allow the customers to choose exactly what they like and decide how much food they are getting. Due to this wide range of food choices, there is a large variety of patrons eating in this restaurant. I see children, teenagers, adults and even the elderly eating at Qdoba whenever I go there. I also observed the staffs’ kind and gentle eyes as they look at their customers while they are politely asking what their patrons want for their meals.

Whenever I go to restaurants, cleanliness is always one of the major concerns that I have aside from the food’s taste and the restaurant’s atmosphere. I always want to make sure that my food is prepared in a clean and sanitary kitchen; Qdoba did not disappoint me about the restaurant’s neatness. Every time I go to Qdoba at Woodbridge, I am not hesitant to use the comfort room because it is clean. The toilet seats are clean because there are toilet seat covers available. Hand soaps, tissue papers, and hand sanitizers are also found inside the comfort room. In addition to this, I also noticed how clean the food was prepared as guests walk through the waiting line and watch the staffs craft their meals the way the customers want. This allows meals to be completely customized to fit the guests’ taste, preferences, and dietary needs.
I would definitely go back to Qdoba and order the best burrito that I have ever tasted. Even though the food is not that cheap, the price of food is reasonable for the food quality especially every Tuesday. By simply observing people around me who sounded like they were having a good time, I can say that Qdoba Mexican Eats is a must-try Mexican restaurant for people of all ages who want to customize their own meals, deal with nice servers, dine at a clean restaurant with a comforting atmosphere, and have a good time while enjoying the mouthwatering Mexican tummy teasers.


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