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Vegetarian Again!

Updated on September 1, 2016

Vegetarian AGAIN

About a month ago, I was doing my regular Facebook surfing and came across a post from a friend who goes to my church and before watching, I knew what I was about to see. In the video, little chicks were being separated by sex... the girls in one place and the baby roosters being sent in a separate place for "disposal". Otherwise known as ground up alive!

It just hit me again, as it had done many times before. What have I been doing? I know better! I know about factory farms and the abuse of innocent living beings! I know this is wrong! I know I have participated over and over again in this madness every single time I go shopping or eat out. YET, I still participate. WHY?

My reason is societal pressure. I am a "sensitive". I don't like it when people think I don't fit in. I don't like it when I can see in their eyes, "There she goes again", so I conform. But as a "sensitive" I am also highly disturbed about factory farming and the killing of innocent animals.

Because I am so sensitive to others and their opinions, I decided to go veggie and not tell anyone for about a month. No one really noticed much. For instance, my Dad doesn't know that the beef stew I serve to him is not the stew I eat. Cafes and restaurants have so many choices these days, no one seems to care at all if I have the veggie burger or the salad and minestrone. Luckily, my husband and kids don't care because they know the dangers of meat eating and they know my soft heart.

In the past year or so I have been eating a steady diet of meat and potatoes, without giving it much thought, but I felt drained. I cooked, but I hated cooking. I tasted food, but I didn't really taste it. I limited myself to poor nutrition and never, ever felt good about my meals. I was constantly disappointed in my food choices. I put off cooking,and subsequently we ate out too much.

All of that changed on that Monday morning when I saw my friend's post. "ENOUGH", I said! I started making veggie meals again, as I did when I briefly went in and out of vegetarianism and veganism in my 20s and 40s.

My veggie meals make me feel good about myself! I'm happy to be tasting some yummy food and feeling better physically. I thank the world for my friend and his post that morning. I thank myself for finally being able to do what is right for me without worrying about others opinions.

Cheers to a new journey and new blessings. Recipes to follow! Stay tuned!

Eating Veggie and Loving It,



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