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Midnight Snacks

Updated on August 12, 2016

Midnight Snacks

My husband and I are midnight snack food junkies. By the time midnight rears it's head, we finally have some time to unwind. Time to sit down and watch all the shows we can on DVR before the sandman visits and slowly puts us in a midnight snack food coma.

After dinner and a night cap, we relax a bit and start to watch our shows that we have on DVR. I guess you can think of it as being in the movie theater where you'll have your popcorn, but we're having our midnight snack. By the time we're watching our shows, midnight is so close. With midnight at hand and watching our shows, we have our midnight snacks.

Midnight Snack #1

With summertime still in the air, our latest and favorite midnight snacks have become Popsicles. We're obsessed with these frozen flavored sugar filled treat.

We've become accustomed to the red white and blue one. We've found this has a wonderful sales price at Walmart. We also noticed that the kids enjoyed it as a midnight snack too!

The second flavor we like are the jolly rancher flavored Popsicle. This one wasn't on sale but it was worth trying a different flavor.

Another favorite for us to get are the variety flavors, this way you have many options of ice cold happiness in a Popsicle.

Midnight Snack #2

Regardless of what time of year it is, our second favorite midnight snack is Potato chips.

It's unspeakable if we don't have a bag or two in the house. The bags of course must be different flavors.

We try to make sure to switch up the flavor with a new one each week, to keep our chip addiction satisfied. Although we try to change it up, we still alternate between sour cream and onion, all dressed, bbq, honey sweet bbq, salt & vinegar. I'm sure there are some other flavors out there we should try.

We gave the new Lays Tzatziki flavor a try this week. After eating a few chips, the flavor did grow on me, so this may be another addition to the midnight snack #2 potato chips.

Midnight Snack #3

This snack is for the cookie monster, my husband.

There has to be some kind of crunchy, filled with chocolate chip cookies in the house, or creme filled cookies with a vanilla and chocolate cookie mixture. Other times there are wafers, but that's rare.

We alternate between chocolate chip cookies, creme filled cookies, Oreo cookies, and homemade chocolate chip cookies, lady fingers, wafers, macaroons and more.

Cookies will always be in the top 3 midnight snacks.

Midnight Snack #4

Our favorite snack that ends all of the above is chocolate.

Chocolate comes out to end the night most nights.

Some nights we share hershey's chocolate bar, a twix, kit kat, or the most dangerous one of all, the chocolate filled with caramel. Other nights we each have our separate favorites (Turtles, Cadbury caramel, and Twix).

Of all our chocolate choices, we opt for milk chocolate. We know dark chocolate is better for you but our favorite is milk chocolate.

Midnight snack #4 is the ultimate favorite of our entire household!

Midnight Snack #5

The best midnight snack is one you shouldn't have. Granted you shouldn't have any midnight snack, but if you do, then you definitely should have Ice Cream.

Ice cream is the favorite of all. There are so many flavors, there's no way anyone couldn't like this delictible midnight treat.

The problem at my home is no one is adventurous but we still like our midnight ice cream snack once in a while. We only have it once in a while because it never lasts long, so it's more of a treat each time we get it.

So the boring flavors we all love to get are the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. This covers all the flavors in the household. Unfortunately for my household, only one person likes the strawberry, which leaves two of us fighting over chocolate and vanilla.

Once in a blue moon we do stray from our comfort zone flavors. Some of the our of comfort zone flavors are cotton candy, salty caramel, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, rum raisin, pralines and cream.

Midnight Snack

What's your favorite night snack?

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