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Mikasa Antique White 45-Piece Dinnerware Set Review

Updated on May 19, 2013

An exquisite and affordable antique dinnerware set

Either you want a casual white tableware or wish for a dinnerware set for a special occasion, you definitely have a lot of options available on the market of dinner sets. Depending on the budget you're willing to spend for such an acquisition you can purchase adorable, expensive china that will be suitable for a classy dinner or a stoneware dinner set, on a matte color for a breakfast with family.

I searched the web a lot to find an affordable dinnerware set for serving eight, that would have a classic, adaptable look, be durable, preferably porcelain, appropriate for a family lunch but also refined, for the times when I'm the guest of a formal dinner.

In the end I narrowed my choice to the Mikasa Antique White 45-Piece Dinnerware Setand Mikasa Italian Countryside 45-Piece Dinnerware Set.After some thinking I chose the Antique White over the Italian Countryside, because the Italian model had those fine-ribbed sides, which usually don't get thoroughly cleaned up and require more amount of washing time.

45 piece dinnerware set

This antique white dinnerware set has all the pieces you need to arrange a classy dinner, exactly by the book. It can be used to serve up to eight people, but if you usually have more than eight invited, you can always purchase extra dishes or even another set.

What's included:

  • 10-inch dinner plate (8 pieces);
  • 8-inch salad plate (8 pieces);
  • 10-inch bowl (8 pieces);
  • 6-1/2-inch saucer (8 pieces);
  • 10-ounce teacup (8 pieces);
  • 10-3/5-inch vegetable bowl
  • 12-inch round platter
  • 6-inch-tall creamer dish
  • 6-inch-tall covered sugar bowl

Mikasa Antique White is a durable, elegant china

Forget about scratches

This chic dinnerware set is a type of chip-resistant, sturdy porcelain that will last for many many years and will keep it's appearance as fresh and luminous as it was when you first took it out of the box. Porcelain or china, as this material is usually referred to, is much durable than stoneware, lighter and with a much sleeker and refined look.

It is also more resistant to the touch of cutlery, as stainless steel won't leave the finest mark or scratch on porcelain like it does on stoneware. It's true stoneware dinner sets are cheaper, but taking into consideration the deal that you get on Amazon for a true and valuable china set like the Mikasa Antique White dinnerware, this is a real investment.

Colonial-inspired style

This antique white dinnerware set has a colonial-style which brings a feel of comfort and simplicity that were characteristic to those times. White and earthy tones were common, light and a warm feeling prevailing. Beside the style of the tableware set, the gorgeous antique white can go with any food, is an optimistic color, reflects purity, elegance, comfort.

This style matches perfectly with your needs and aristocratic tendencies. The dinner set is white, but you can play with colors and choose anything passes through your mind for the tablecloth.

Put it in the oven, microwave, freeze it

One of the features I love is this set is anything proof. You can put it into the oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge. It won't become fragile over time even if it's exposed to the most harsh conditions.

The best price you can find for this luxury Mikasa Antique White set is at Amazon, almost half of the list price.

5 stars rating

There aren't many dinnerware sets for an affordable price. But this is the single one that has more than 25 reviews which award it with five stars out of five on Amazon.

I'm placing here a few opinions from Amazon customers:

  • "Excellent quality and quantity for the price"
  • "Beautiful and Elegant China"
  • "Elegance and Durability at a Bargain"
  • "I gave these dishes as a wedding gift. They were so much cheaper than the department store and included free shipping. What more can you ask for??"


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