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Milk Sugar Intolerance

Updated on August 21, 2014
No room for daily products in the diet of a Lactose Intolerant person.
No room for daily products in the diet of a Lactose Intolerant person.

Lactose Intolerance Can Reverse

When anyone suffers from certain negative effects from eating foods that do not agree with them, it takes a few trial and error episodes of pain and discomfort to help determine the cause of these side effects. More people suffer from lactose intolerance and do not suspect that they cannot digest milk sugar in their body. This intolerance affects anyone at anytime when it never has affected them before.

Yogurt is Yummy and so Good for the Body

I eliminated dairy from my diet a long time ago. A few months after our first son was born in the summer of 1970, I discovered yogurt. I enjoyed the taste of yogurt and the fact that I was trying to bring back my normal adult body weight; I replaced any type of desserts with yogurt.

After several months of substituting cookies, cakes and candy with yogurt, I began to get abdominal cramps and diarrhea so badly I had a difficult time leaving the house. I did go see our family doctor and had to wait a grueling 30 minutes for my turn. I was horribly nauseated and bent over with intestinal cramping, but I sat and awaited my turn.

Old Traditional Doctors have been Always Been on Top of Things

As soon as this wonderful traditional family doctor found out what I had to say he ordered me, "You cannot consume dairy, you have a milk sugar intolerance. I am afraid that even 1-teaspoon of milk is going to have unbearable consequences, and put you in the position you are now in at this minute".

The good doc did not know why after 22-years of age the side effects of lactose intolerance were bothering me. He thought perhaps that I had overdone my diet with yogurt and eating too much yogurt created in my body the inability to digest milk sugar.

For over 40-years I had to eliminate any kind of dairy from my diet, which included, cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese and much more. I could not eat cream soups and any foods containing dairy. I had to learn to read food labels and I could not eat bread or cereal where dairy listed as one of the ingredients. Many food products that are not dairy still contain dairy and this can cause a lactose intolerant individual problems.

Upon leaving, the doctor's office, he warned me again that even 1-teaspoonful of dairy will cause me problems I do not want in my life. The doc handed me a prescription for donnatol, which is an old-fashioned herbal medication that is still available at the pharmacy with a prescription.

After all, of these years I still carry donnatol in my purse and take it when I travel. If I have eaten some food that seems to be causing me the effects of lactose intolerance, I take the donnatol and it takes away any side effects of the intolerance of lactose.

Never Test the Doctor's Warnings

There were times that I tested the doctor's warning with just a couple teaspoons of homemade ice cream or a taste of the wonderful yogurt and he was right. The diarrhea, immense abdominal cramping and nausea returned.

The Body Does Change with Time

Throughout the last 10-years, I have become more able to eat dairy without any side affects whatsoever, such as to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich or a small bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day. I take it easy with the dairy and enjoy what I am able to enjoy without overdoing the dairy. I still do not drink milk or eat homemade ice cream. I stay away from rich, creamy sauces, yogurt and too much cheese.

The Good in Dairy is the Calcium, Is there a Right or Wrong Calcium?

One must remember that if they are going to forego any dairy in the diet, they must replace this dairy with some calcium with vitamin D. Calcium does not absorb into the body without the help of vitamin D, so taking calcium without vitamin D, he or she is throwing their money away.

Remember to buy calcium citrate and avoid using calcium carbonate. The doctor explained to me many years ago that even though the body has trace elements of carbon, calcium carbonate is not a good alternative for calcium. It has always been perplexing to me why most vitamin brands include calcium carbonate in their products. There are just a few brands of multivitamins on the marketplace today that list calcium citrate as the calcium used in the product. Citracal is one of these brands.

Calcium keeps bones strong and healthy and may lower a person's risk for osteoporosis Calcium keeps teeth healthy and lowers the risk for heart disease. Calcium has an inexhaustible number of positives.

My Dairy Dilemma Helped Me to Help Many Infants and Older People

Lactose intolerance has opened my mind to helping to assess the geriatric patient when they receive these same side effects of milk sugar. Many seniors develop lactose intolerance as do infants whose intestinal track is too young to tolerate milk sugar. Both a senior and an infant can become exceedingly miserable and I have had many modern doctors overlook lactose intolerance and test the patient for everything else until I intervened with my suspicions to the doctor that perhaps his patient suffers from lactose intolerance.

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