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Minnesota Cooking: Baked Potato - Infused With Sliced Onion

Updated on February 1, 2017

My Potato

The potato I used was a Russet potato. These potatoes are of heft, being fairly long and wide, making them a perfect choice for adding an onion inside.

It's Fairly Straightforward

You'll need a Russet potato. Slice across the potato, crosswise, cutting down into the potato. You will not cut through the bottom, but will leave just enough of a piece so that you can fan the potato open.

On a typical potato, you can make about eight slices across the potato. In each crevice, you will place a cross slice of onion. It doesn't matter how much onion you place in the crevice, just that you have at least one piece per.

Then, after all crevices are tucked full of onion, then, you'll either spray a substitute butter across the surface of the infused potato, or you'll melt butter and drizzle across. Then, as a final note, use Greek Seasoned Salt liberally across the onions.

Then. Cover with a plastic wrap in a microwavable dish and microwave for at least seven minutes. Enough so that the potato becomes softened.


I use the microwave when I cook these. I did try them on the grill one day, but I think that you need to wrap the potato in aluminum foil. I placed the potato directly in the grill and ended up with a piece of charcoal.

I thought that placing it in the grill would result in a smoky flavored potato, but, alas over char was not the answer.


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