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Minnesota Cooking: Beef Roast- The Lazy Way to Cook

Updated on January 24, 2016

Here it is in the Slow Cooker


It's Almost Embarrassing

It's so simple. Back in the day, mom used to get out her frying pan and put a little butter or oil in it and she'd sear the roast.

I don't know. You cook the roast in water for several hours until it is tender. Any effort you made to put a crust on the outside would be gone and in the water. So, is it really necessary? I don't think so.

Call me Crazy if you Like

Go ahead. Make fun of me... but when I am eating this delicious roast tonight and it tastes great, don't blame me that you've got mountains of dishes to wash and that icky black stuff on your frying pan.

I'll be sitting there, thinking of you. Feeling sorry for you, almost... All that effort you went to and mine tastes pretty good too, at a fraction of the effort.


If You Must...

My mother used to keep a jar of browning sauce handy. I don't know that it was all that remarkable for adding a browned flavor or not. Our jar was pretty old. Do they expire? Do I have a jar of it? Perhaps I should look.

Maybe I have my mother's jar of browning sauce. That would be pretty startling, since she has been 'gone' since 1988. My father did bring me the boxes and jars of all her spices that she used. He wasn't going to use them. His tastes, after years of being seasoned to death, was a simple salt and pepper.

I Think I Know Better Than That

If you are going to create something that important like a great tasting roast, shouldn't you make sure your spices don't all taste like old dust?

I mean, use fresh spices that are from the green spices aisle at your grocery store, or better yet, be like my sister and grow your own and snip them off the plant as you need them.

Nahhh. I'm too lazy for that..

Yep. I am Lazy

I used two beef boullion cubes. 2 cups of water. 1 bayleaf. 1 package of Lipton Garlic and Herb Dip mix, some onion slices, some sweet bell pepper and that is about it.

I put several circles of onions in the bottom of the slow cooker, and some slivers of peppers. I did this so my roast wasn't sitting directly on the bottom of my slow cooker. I placed the frozen pieces of roast in the slow cooker and added some slices of onion on top and between the four roast pieces. I added some peppers to the top and in between also.

I microwaved my two beef boullion cubes in water so they'd soften up and then poured them over the roasts. I then mixed some water with the dry package of Lipton Garlic and Herb Seasoning package. I made sure that I had two cups of water total. The roast will make its own juice as it thaws and cooks.

How About You

Does the idea of being a lazy cook appeal to you too?

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great tips!

    • kbdressman profile image

      kbdressman 2 years ago from Harlem, New York

      Lazy cooking and I are great friends! Why put in all the work when you can get a great meal without it?!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      well i must say, this is an extremely easy way to get the best meal at the fastest speed, applauds!