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Minnesota Cooking: Stuffed Oatmeal Cookies

Updated on August 7, 2016


When you talk in reverse about cookies, most people are way too fast food oriented to follow the conversation. Many people have ovens at their homes and many do not bake.

When I tell people that I like my oatmeal mixed with flour and egg, I get a really quizzical look. Almost as if the person is questioning my intelligence. They generally ask me why on earth I would mix eggs and flour with my oatmeal. I then tell them, well, I like cookies and that's what is in cookies.

Then I smile. Yes. I'm cool like that.


It's Sunday and my daughter and I are planning a four day mini-vacation together and we plan to eat picnic style. The majority of our meals will be quick snacks. For example: I bought a jar of peanut butter and a squirt bottle of honey. She suggested eating those on vegetables, like peppers or celery.

We can make this work.. I had some granola bars left over from a family reunion that I hosted a couple weeks ago. I can bring them along. Good for a quick bite. I have some instant Folgers coffee and some dry creamer. We have bottled water to bring along.

Pizza Baker

I am bringing along our pizza baker oven. It's probably overkill but, in our motel room, we can plug it in and bake a pizza for our supper. There are gas stations that sell frozen pizzas and it takes about 18 minutes to fully cook a pizza. For under $10, the two of us can eat a warm, nourishing meal and not have to worry about going out.

We could even bake toast or do waffles in it. Just have to use a little tin foil.

Well. For that moment, anyways. We intend to go out if the mood suits us, but for the most part, we intend to wing it.


I bought a small container of oats and used my food processor to cut the oats into a fine powder. I was going to make a few different styles of cookies just to have along.

Originally, I bought a box of chopped dates, a bag of dark chocolate morsels and a bag of chocolate covered caramel pieces. I did not get around to making date cookies, but I did make some plain oatmeal covered in sugar, some regular chocolate chipped cookies and I got creative and made caramel surprise centers.

Easy Enough

I made the cookie dough and rolled a few small balls of dough. I have one of those plastic hamburger presses and that worked pretty good for smooshing the first ball flat. I then sat a chocolate covered caramel on top of the cookie and made another flat circle and covered the first and sealed the edges around the piece of candy

I made two of them to start with. Oven 350. The instructions said to bake for 10 to 11 minutes but it actually took 15 minutes. I also turned my cookie pan around so that the other side of the cookie would bake evenly.

I don't know what it is about cookies, but one side gets golden brown and the other side looks like it hasn't even started cooking. But, when you turn the pan around, that 'cold side' gets to look just like the other side.


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