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Minnesota Cooking: Shredded Carrot Burger

Updated on January 1, 2017

The Carrot Burger

My shredded carrot burger wasn't too bad. It was a little salty, because I thought I should sprinkle some Seasoned salt on it. Did not need extra salt.

I put some Fry Magic Seasoning Flour in a bowl, added a handful of shredded carrots, put about 1/4 cup of Mayonnaise in the bowl and started to stir it around.. It looked so surreal, light colored carrots poking out the sides.

Frying Pan With a Little Oil

My frying pan was on the stove and I put a little oil in the bottom and turned the burner heat to medium.

I waited a few minutes for the oil to heat up and then, added my glop of carrot mixture to the pan. There was a sizzling sound as it began to cook. It cooks like a pancake. You can tell it is starting to cook, as the edges start to look dry.

At this point, you'd better flip it over and cook the other side. My first attempt resulted in a dark brown bottom, but, thankfully not burnt yet. I was more careful with the second side.


I scooped it off the pan and onto my waiting plate. I used a fork to cut off my first bite. Salty, but not bad at all.

There is something I ate at Nankin's Restaurant in Minneapolis 35 years ago, called Egg Foo Young. This carrot burger tasted like my Egg Foo Young. The egg, flour mix and carrots cooked to a thick, light egg burger. The carrots were still a little crunchy, but, as carrots go, was a complete success.



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