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Minnesota Musing: Carbonated Water - Bubbly Water with a Scent

Updated on April 1, 2018

Ingredients - Carbonated Water and Natural Flavors

Many times a week, people will ask what the new carbonated waters taste like. Well. Carbonated water feels like carbonated beverage, just like you are used to. It smells like an inviting drink. Usually, the aroma smells pretty delicious.

That's where the joy begins and the first taste is where the decision comes into play.

You either enjoy it, or you do not.

It is that simple. Love it, or leave it.

Personal Choice

For my personal interest in carbonated water, I actually feel like you must mentally prepare yourself for the lack of flavor of a carbonated water. You must know, in advance that there is no flavor.

No. There is no flavor. There is; however, a smell. A scent.

You can smell your water. You can smell it before you take a swallow, but, your tongue cannot taste anything.

Scent and Taste

If you can smell it, you can taste it. That's apparently the bottom line.

I was at a wine tasting party recently, hosted by a relative of mine. We had five bottles of wine that we were sharing and we had special tools that we were using to enhance the flavor of the wines we were sampling.

We had wines that smelled pretty good. Their scents swirled through your nostrils and when you drank the wine, you could almost imagine that you were tasting it, but, really, like carbonated water, there wasn't really a taste, it was more of a smell.

My tongue was super confused by it all.

Flavored Fruit Chew - Like Skittles or Starburst Jelly Beans

We were given a flavored fruit chew to chew on. The catch was, we had to pinch our nostrils shut as we chewed.

We could taste the citrus on our tongue, simply because it was strong and our sour sensor was active. When we released our nostrils, our mouth was flooded with the fruit flavors of the jelly beans.

We were suitably impressed by the new knowledge. It was eye opening.

Wine and Chewy Candy and Carbonated Water

Well. I know you are waiting for me to write that my experience was the same with all three.

It wasn't. Sorry. The wine was enhanced with the diffuse funnel that we poured it through. It aerated the wine so that the specific fruit flavors became stronger and more flavorful to our tongue. Apparently, your sinuses play a large part in tasting your wine flavors.

The candy flavor was stronger when we released our noses.

The carbonated water is still water with a smell.

Scientifically Speaking

Apparently, you can take some tubing, drill some holes, use some vinegar and baking soda and toilet paper and create your own carbonated beverages. One person actually went to far as to carbonate chocolate milk, and was successful.

I am satisfied with merely buying a box or two of Klarbrunn drinks, or other store brands of carbonated water. My use factor doesn't encourage me to over indulge and the flavor isn't going to get different.


I suppose I can slice a lemon, or orange or strawberries and add to my bubbly water and create some new flavors, but, I don't know why I should.

I'm used to the bland flavor. I grew up with Perrier Sparkling water and I think there were other waters that were bubbled, like quinine water and soda water and seltzer.

I think that there is even a soda machine that you can purchase and make your own pops.

Beers and Carbonated Waters

I bounce back and forth. I do drink a beer occasionally and I do like the non flavor of the carbonated waters.

Actually, if you are a beer drinker and you want the feeling of drinking a beer without the punch of alcohol, carbonated water is the ticket.

As to me, I will pick and choose at random. I did try some Ocean Spray sparkling juice the other day and that was okay, but I wasn't liking all the extra sugar that I was tasting. Don't get me wrong, I did like the flavor and I fully recommend it if you are the type that wants to drink sweet, carbonated juices. It was great.


Now, I like to drink vegetable drinks as well. I think, as far as myself, I have to watch how fast I drink a product like V8 since I really enjoy it, and it tastes salty to me, but my body and my kidney's react differently to it than they do the non sugar, non salt, non calorie light flavor infused drinks. So, I do drink them.

I wonder what they'd be like carbonated? Perhaps I should mix a lemon water with a V8 and enjoy the bubbly, tomato juice flavor?

Making My Own or Buying Ready Made

I will probably stick to buying ready made water.

Maybe someday, I will have a need for making gallons and gallons of the stuff, but currently, no, it's a mere novelty.


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