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Minnesota Musing: Vinegar - The Many Uses for It

Updated on January 28, 2018


Vinegar has been around for a long, long time. It might even be easy to make from scratch. That, I do not know for sure.

I have several varieties of vinegar around my home. I have the white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, some cleaning vinegar and some rice vinegar. I will assume that all are edible, however, the cleaning vinegar is stronger than the regular diluted to 5 percent variety.

I have great respect for vinegar. I have used it straight with a cleaning pad and removed rust from my tub and shower surround. Believe me, I'm impressed. I have used it to clean my stove top, its grease cutting ability is incredible. When I was a child, my mother used it as some sort of a cream rinse for our hair. Apparently, it was good for removing the soap scum from our hair during the final rinse. Especially if you had hard water.

I know I like the taste of vinegar and the feeling you get when you swallow a mouthful. It warms you right up. I actually have a bottle of some vinegar wash that is taken by the cap full that is called Proven Old Amish Formula, that is mixed with ginger and garlic and actually works very well to stop leg and foot cramps. I used it when I had a slight case of what I referred to as plantar fasciitis. My feet don't hurt any more, so I can say it worked great. Coupled with the minor fact that I lost 30 pounds may have helped as well.

Some people swear by it for losing weight. Others say it reduces cholesterol. I use vinegar to make pickles, and I add rice vinegar to my sushi to flavor it.

There are other things you can do with vinegar. You can pickle fish. In fact, soaking fish in vinegar and salt for a week, softens the bones so you don't have to fillet them first. After a week in the refrigerator, soaking in salt and vinegar, you then make a sweet brine to store them in.

I found that the salt and vinegar chips have vinegar seasoning on them.

Where does a person get vinegar seasoning? Now, I'm curious. I googled it, and found that Sam's Club offers a salt and vinegar seasoning for popcorn. I'm going to have to get some.

How does vinegar react with stomach acid? I'd have to google it to be sure. Now that I have googled how vinegar reacts with stomach acid, I am faced with over a million pages of information about the reaction.

Opinions are varied and range from vinegar being the greatest cure, to avoiding vinegar with a passion if your stomach doesn't work properly.

Science class, fourth grade, I recall taking a chicken bone and soaking it in vinegar for a week. Something happened. Something dissolved and it got really rubbery. I don't recall whether it was a chemical reaction, disintegration or what it was.

I wonder what I would find out if I googled that. Okay. According to some science page I found, Sciencing, the calcium carbonate in the bones reacts with the acetic acid in the vinegar and makes the calcium wash off in water. The result is that the calcium in the bones is now gone and the remaining tissue is bendable.

I suppose that vinegar tenderizes meat so that it is softer when you cook it.

orange peels in vinegar
orange peels in vinegar

Rice Vinegar

After you cook your sushi rice, a capful of rice vinegar is added to the rice to flavor it.

Rice Vinegar to flavor sushi
Rice Vinegar to flavor sushi

White Vinegar

White vinegar and salt is used to make pickles from cucumbers.

Pickled cucumbers
Pickled cucumbers


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    • firstcookbooklady profile image

      Char Milbrett 2 months ago from Minnesota

      Thanks for your comment, Larry Rankin!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 months ago from Oklahoma

      Just too many uses to be listed from cleaning coins to making a lovely salad:-)

      Wonderful read!

    • firstcookbooklady profile image

      Char Milbrett 2 months ago from Minnesota

      Thanks, Louise Powles, for your comment. I also created some pickled ginger with my rice vinegar for eating between sushi rolls.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 2 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I've never heard of rice vinegar before. My Grandmother used to use the white vinegar a lot though for pickling eggs. I only use the normal vinegar when I have fish and chips (fries.)