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Mint Tea

Updated on June 28, 2012
The humble mint plant. Bursting with flavour.
The humble mint plant. Bursting with flavour.

A forgotten favourite.

I am sure all of you out there who are reading this drivel are more than aware of the veritable cornucopia of herbal or fruit teas that are availble in abundance from both traditional retail outlets as well as the internet.

But how many of us, I wonder, have forgotten how simple it is to make your own hot, fresh beverage! It costs a fraction of the price and tastes better and fresher.

It really could not be any simpler. Just take about three leaves from a mint plant, put them in a cup and add boiling water. A hot and refreshing drink is ready within seconds. If you have a sweet tooth, add sugar to taste, although I personally recommend no more than half a teaspoon of sugar as it can take away the flavour to a certain extent.

That really is it. I almost feel if I have not written enough! As recipes go I can not think of a simpler one. If you fancy something slightly different, try using leaves from the chocolate mint plant. Not quite the same as 'normal' mint but just as good.



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    • catmalone profile image

      catmalone 5 years ago

      I love mint tea. It is very refreshing. Mint tea is very good for upset stomach and headaches. It has a soothing affect.