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Monster Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

Updated on February 11, 2013

The Nutritional Facts

Recently, there has been quite a controversy between society and Monster Energy drinks. Some people treat them like a poison, while others drink them like water. Often, one can find teens walking around the public with such drinks. What's the truth? Are they a menace to our health, or are they just another enjoyable carbonated drink?

Monster Energy is made up of quite a few things. However, the main components consist of Ginseng, Gaurana Seed Extract, Taurine, and a lot of caffeine. Ginseng is a herb known to fight stress, and give the consumer energy. Not only does it fight stress, where as there is also evidence of the extract boosting brain power. The way this works is, ginseng causes an increase in uptake of glucose to the brain and the rest of the body.

The Gaurana Seed comes from a climbing plant, commonly found in Rain forest Amazon climates. This seed contains twice the amount of caffeine then a coffee been. The seed extract has also shown to increase memory ability, and physical endurance. It has also proven to strengthen reflex abilities by about 30 milliseconds.

Taurine is an amino acid that helps the body regulate water and sodium levels inside of the body. Studies show that Taurine mixed with caffeine helps increase brain stimulation. It also has the traits of an antioxidant. Taurine can be found in other foods such as seafood, and a diverse type of meats. However, there is also a controversy going on, whether or not it increases the chances of a heart attack.

The caffeine levels are quite high in Monster Energy, along with every other energy drink. This is why the drink has such a bad reputation among the nation. Scientists say if the beverage is consumed enough, the amount of caffeine can lead to death. The drink in fact has almost 3 times as much caffeine as a normal cup of coffee.

Another big problem that gives energy drinks a bad name, is the sudden rush of energy and then a "crash." energy drinks are a stimulant. Ingesting the amount of caffeine the drink causes a great rush of energy. After the 1-2 hour rush, the consumer "crashes." The consumer then feels like they are out of energy, and are tired. This is because so much energy is used in such a short amount of time. The body can not simply produce enough ATP to get back on "track." Monster Energy and other energy drinks are commonly compared to a drug, such as crack.

Although there is a crash, the facts say that the ingredients in Monster Energy lead to higher brain stimulation, increase in memory ability, and a sharp increase in physical endurance. Monster energy also includes Taurine. the Taurine is a benefit because, it can help in the prevention of dehydration and other effects leading to a lack of fluids inside of the body.

If consumed in moderation, Monster Energy Drink should not be too "deadly." Looking at the nutrition facts, one can see the high level in caffeine and that is all they see. For a burst of energy, Monster Energy is the perfect choice.

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