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Monster Energy Drink Sponsorship

Updated on February 19, 2013

Monster energy drink has been known for sponsoring various sporting activities across the world owing to its well-built brand name. Some of the events it has sponsored in the past include motor racing, athletics, music shows, rock crawling and stunt riding. The Monster Energy drink sponsorship has had a number of positive impacts on both the sponsored parties and on its own brand name.

Ricky Carmichael, or RC as he is popularly referred to, as for instance, is one of the all time great motor cross racers who has reaped immensely from the sponsorship of this product. He has gradually risen from being just a racer to a top motor cross instructor. Carmichael's achievements, which range from opening up a Motor Cross Race University to setting up a charitable golf tourney in Northern Florida, are all attributed to the Monster Energy drink brand name. Consequently, the brand has also had a chance to grow and reach new markets where it would not have reached without Carmichael's sporting activities. New consumers who identify with motor cross sporting get to try out the drink and the profit returns for the brand have proportionally risen.

The major role of any brand name engaging itself in a sponsorship project is to familiarize itself with the public, in case of a new product, or to expand the markets for an already existing product. It is fundamental that the right people are chosen to play for change and get people to know a product much better. It is for this reason that Monster Energy drink opted for Runa Lucienne to build on the brand name. Being an actress, model and former Playboy Bunny, her face is common on many television shows, music videos, magazines and many advertising campaigns. Her photos have featured in the advertisement of the Monster Energy drink many times. This has earned her not only fame but also the brand has had to support many of her shows and TV projects through the Monster Energy sponsorship.

The Monster Energy drink sponsorship also aims at building the public relations with the clientele. As a sponsor that supports a local event or a charity sends an encouraging and positive message to the public about the organization's interest in giving back. This is why, during the eve of the New Year, Monster Energy drink supported the event in Hollywood with Puddle of Mudd. Not only was the event a success for people who got free drinks, t-shirts and other materials but also for the Monster brand which received a recognition boost through the company logo and signage printed on them.

Contrary to a common notion that getting corporate sponsorship for any of your products, events or projects by Monster Energy drink is an uphill task, it is quite simple. Monster Energy drink sponsorship calls for virtually anybody in need of this service to present themselves for the same. This, however, does not guarantee you sponsorship. It only makes the process of you being considered considerably simpler and quicker.

To get sponsorship for your event for motorcycle racing for instance, one needs to just create an account with "Monster Army". This is an account on Monster's website which you must have before you can be able to apply for sponsorship. Once this is done you will be directed to the "Hookit" website where you are allowed to navigate to find the Monster Energy Drink logo which will take you back to the homepage to select the region or area where you live.

Go to "sponsorship" and then "apply for sponsorship." Choose from the options given under the "Available to you" by clicking the "Apply Now" button. This takes you back to the "Hookit" website. Here you will be provided with a question and answer form that you will be required to fill and then send it to Monster for consideration.

In order to increase your chances of being considered, it is important that you post past results from tournaments, any events that you plan to attend and information of yourself in either photo or video version. Good results will give the consideration panel an easy way of determining not only on who best deserves sponsorship, but also how Monster will benefit from the same undertaking. A wrong choice will mean that only the sponsored party will reap with benefit leaving the other party sponsoring incurring losses.


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