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More Great Chili Recipes And Ways To Serve Chili

Updated on May 9, 2010
Have you ever tried a baked potato stuffed with chili. You can add sour creme , cheese and jalapenos for a real tasty treat.
Have you ever tried a baked potato stuffed with chili. You can add sour creme , cheese and jalapenos for a real tasty treat.

Have You Ever Made A Mexican Chili?

Once you have discovered what you consider to be the worlds best chili you can try several different ways of serving and dressing it up. You can try serving your chili with corn chips especially those new ones shaped like scoops. Oh so tasty.

You can serve your chili like its often served south of the border in Mexico and that's over pasta. Yes pasta. Try serving your chili over your favorite pasta for a extra special tasty treat. You can even make a great simple chili casserole by spraying a large baking dish with vegetable cooking spray and put in a generous layer of pasta and then cover with your favorite chili. Top with the mixed shredded Mexican cheese and bake for 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees in a pre-heated oven. You can try serving topped with guacamole and sour creme for a real tasty treat your family and friends are not going to soon forget.

How about a great Mexican Chili Recipe served south of the border.

Did you know that south of the border in Mexico that most chili is served over pasta noodles. Quite often its served over spaghetti noodles. And a good chilled red wine will go great with your Mexican Chili. Ground round or really lean ground beef is quite often used in Mexican Chili Recipes. In our recipe here we are going to use ground round. Yes it costs a little more but the taste will be worth it. For your recipe for Mexican Chili your going to need.

1. Four Pound Of Ground Round.

2. One Tablespoon Regular Crisco Shortening.

3. One Large White Onion Chopped Very Fine.

4. Two Tablespoons Fresh Minced Garlic.

5. One Teaspoon Ground Cayenne Pepper.

6. One Tablespoon Dry Powdered Cumin.

7. One Ounce Baking Chocolate Grated Up Well.

8. Six Cups Regular Chicken Broth.

9. Three Six Ounce Cans Tomato Paste.

10. Spaghetti Noodles Cooked , Washed and Drained.

11. Four Cheese Mexican Shredded Cheese.

12. Sour Cream.

13. Guacamole.

14. Sliced Or Diced Jalapeno Peppers.

You will want to start off by browning your ground round in a tablespoon of the Crisco Shortening. Now you will want to add all your ingredients 1-9 to a large stock pot and cook until well cooked and thickened. As you probably noticed there is no chili powder or beans in this chili but I guarantee you that it will turn out wonderful.

Once your chili is well cooked and done place a serving of spaghetti noodles in a bowl and then add a serving of the chili. To the top of this add your shredded Mexican cheese , Sour Cream , Guacamole , and sliced or diced Jalapeno's.

You will want to use regular baking chocolate and you will want to grate it up well and add it to your pot of chili while its cooking. A green garden salad will go excellent with this meal. Or you can make the Mexican Chili Casserole described above.

I have made this recipe with well washed cooked canned black beans added in the last few minutes of cooking time and people loved it. So you might want to try it with black beans also.

Use regular canned chicken broth in this chili recipe. Not fat free.

Buffalo Chicken Chili

If your into chicken and Buffalo chicken wings then you'll love this recipe.
If your into chicken and Buffalo chicken wings then you'll love this recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Chili Anyone

Here's a Buffalo Chicken Chili that everyone seems to love and the flavor is really great. In order to make this chili you will need the below ingredients.

1. Two Pounds Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast Cut In Small Cubes.

2. One Pound Ground Chicken Breast.

3. Two Large Red Bell Peppers Diced Fine.

4. Two Celery Ribs Diced Fine.

5. Two Tablespoons Fresh Ground Garlic.

6.  One Large Can Black Beans Washed And Drained.

7.  One 22 Ounce Can Diced Tomatoes.

 8. One Six Ounce Cans Tomato Paste.

 9. One Large Sweet Onion Diced Fine.

10.  One Teaspoon Dried Powdered Cumin.

11.  One Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper.

12.  One Teaspoon Sea Salt.

13.  One Teaspoon Chili Powder.

14. One Fresh Jalapeno Pepper Diced Fine.

15. 4 Cups Regular Chicken Broth. ( Not Fat Free )

You will want to start by sauteing your vegetables in a small amount of olive oil. Once your vegetables are tender add to a large stock pot. Now add oil to your skillet and cook your ground chicken and chicken cubes together until they are done and brown.

Now add all your ingredients to the stock pot and cook on low to medium heat for about two hours until your chili is thick and done. Be sure to use regular chicken broth in your chili not fat free because you want the full flavor of the chicken broth. You can garnish your chili with sour cream and fine diced green onions including the tops. Serve with corn bread or rice for a delicious chili you won't soon forget. It is a really delicious chili and does taste like buffalo chicken wings.

Chili is said to have first been made by chuck wagon cooks on cattle drives in Texas.
Chili is said to have first been made by chuck wagon cooks on cattle drives in Texas.

Feel free to post your comments about chili and the chili recipes on this page now.

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    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      The most delicious hub! It has my vote, hands down! Thanks!

    • subhlaxmin profile image

      subhlaxmin 7 years ago from India

      I never like chilly but it's nice to find it's variation