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Vigna I Botri Morellino di Scansano Riserva DOC 2004

Updated on August 28, 2012

Production area and history

Production area: the hills of the province of Grosseto betwin the river Ombrone and Albegna, which includes the entire territory of the county of Scansano and the municipalities of Manciano, Magliano in Toscana, Grosseto, Campagnatico, Sorano and Roccalbegna in Province of Grosseto.
The "history" of Morellino is linked to that of the inland hills of the Maremma, which are always to the cultivation of the vine. Protecting the environment goes back to the Etruscan civilization and arrives to the present day with strong traditions intact. With a steady rainfall, concentrated mainly in autumn-spring period, with the hills leaving the warmth of filtered sea breezes accompanied by the sun in the valleys between the Ombrone and Albegna, the conditions for the ripening of the grapes are best.
The ancient origin of the wine of Scansano is proved by historical documents of the twelfth century, which mention the term "sublime goodness." In 1812, were produced in the region of Scansano, well 5540 hl of wine in one hand classified as "top".

Type: D.O.C. red
Morellino, Prugnolo Gentile, Alicante, Ciliegiolo, Nero Francese
Alcoholic strength: 14.0%
Manufacturer: Az. Agraria I Botri

Organoleptic features and characteristics

This wine is from The Biological Botri, Alisa Giulia Andreozzi and Giancarlo Lanza, followed by a traditional vinification with long maceration.

The result is a Morellino di Scansano "old style", with the great and subtle elegance of Tuscany of great interest.
Clear ruby in the glass, opens on tones ethereal, almost waxy, sweet and intriguing.
Then come fresh red fruits like cherry, undergrowth and the breeding characteristic of Sangiovese of Toscana.
In the mouth is ... to drink a bucket.
Fresh on the 18th denotes a good acidity well integrated, a distinct taste and a big nose mouth correspondence.
Tannin in mind, silky.
It leaves your mouth perfectly clean.
This Morellino di Scansano is taking out the class of traditional grape varieties and wine making.
Absolutely wonderful blend classic



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