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Moringa Tea instead of Coffee

Updated on February 5, 2012

Moringa Tea the Healthiest Tea

One of the best ways to ensure that one’s body gets to absorb all the goodness of malunggay is by drinking it as a tea. Malunggay tea is a very healthy drink because it is abundant with polyphenols or flavonoids, an effective antioxidant. Source: Enjoy the Benefits of Malunggay: Make Your Own Malunggay Tea

Here in the Philippines, malunggay (moringa) is one of the most common tree in the backyard. The leaves can be added into many dishes, including the most famous tinola, corn soup, ginataang tuyo (dish from Southern Tagalog), kinunot and many more. But malunggay (moringa) is not just for dish, it can also be consume as tea, which as stated above, is the best way of consumption.

Since malunggay in the Phiippines is just a common plant, it is easier for us, Filipinos to do our own tea. But worry no more, moringa powder is already available in the market that you can buy it and be shipped right at your doorstep for a minimal fee but tons of benefits.

I can help you find moringa powder. Just send me a message and I will attend to you need.


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    • ThroughGlass profile image

      ThroughGlass 6 years ago from London

      I love tea, i drink maybe too much ha.

      I always love to learn about new teas and what they do!

      I love the neon green color, it's appealing to me.