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Mustang, Oklahoma: Whataburger Is Exceptional

Updated on September 9, 2017
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 8 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

Whataburger, Mustang Oklahoma - where all are welcome!

The south side of the front: Mustang, Oklahoma's Whataburger.
The south side of the front: Mustang, Oklahoma's Whataburger. | Source
The north side of the front: Mustang Oklahoma's Whataburger
The north side of the front: Mustang Oklahoma's Whataburger | Source

Fast food restaurants have come a long positive way in customer service within the past four years. I have noticed per each visit more establishments are beginning to deliver superior treatment to their customers. In this area, Whataburger, located at 212 North Mustang Road in Mustang, Oklahoma 73064, is exceptional. It does not matter if you drive-thru or walk-in, each customer is treated with first-class service.

This Whataburger, albeit part of a chain from Texas and privately owned by the original founder’s family, is only four years old (built in 2013). I remember watching the ground be prepared in the lot, and its cement foundation being poured. Each time I drove by its location, incrementally I witnessed the Whataburger building being erected. My husband and I, along with many other locals, could hardly wait for this Whataburger to open. The nearest one before Whataburger came to Mustang, was miles away!

In 2016 Mustang’s Whataburger received the City of Mustang’s Neat and Clean Award. They beat out their fast food restaurant competition (McDonald’s included). I was very happy for Whataburger, one of the newer fast food restaurants in Mustang, winning this well-deserved prestigious city award.

May 2017, this Whataburger proved it truly cared about others. For health reasons, my husband mid-April 2017 was from medical professionals given two specific diets. Whataburger through cooperative compassionate kindness eased my husband’s diet adjustment pain; the one most go through when altering a normal eating pattern. He was appreciative of how this Whataburger helped him devise soft food choices to eat that followed his dietary concerns with their normal menu items. Example my husband claimed was very delicious: 1 slice of Texas toast with 1 burger patty on top, smothered with the meatless white gravy. By August 2017, my husband had a diversity of delicious Whataburger soft food creations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When our nephew visited us at the end of August 2017 and asked, “Where do you want to have lunch?”

My husband replied, “Whataburger! I can eat there!”

We are truly grateful. My husband tells everyone how wonderful Whataburger is. I am delighted my husband has been allowed to devise Whataburger soft food favorites so following his doctors’ dietary specifications is not an ordeal. There is nothing worse than going into a fast food restaurant, looking over the menu, and then having to walk out because you cannot eat what is available. This happened to us elsewhere; was a real eye-opener regarding my husband’s dietary restrictions.

General Manager Tod Seals, admitted upon having a brief interview with me, that he has been the General Manager of this Whataburger for two years. I thought longer, mostly because we did not come in as much during its first two years of the four years this Whataburger has existed (as of August 2017). The reason for this, I was concentrating on other restaurants (of all types) for reviews under the category of Health and Happiness. Two years ago, after Tod became the General Manager, we started to come in more because a local friend of ours kept telling us about Whataburger’s delicious “priced-just-right” breakfasts. Before this, we only ate at Whataburger for lunch or dinner – viewed it as just a burger or sandwich joint. We ate breakfast elsewhere, oblivious to the fact that Whataburger also served breakfast.

Now we are staunch regulars to Mustang’s Whataburger. I further admit, the last time we were in Texas (January 2017) we dined at Whataburger as well as other places we usually frequent when visiting family. Whataburger has made our personal “safe to eat while traveling” list, starred as one of our favorites.

When we now walk in to our local Whataburger we feel part of the Whataburger family. It is one of the few places (of all restaurants) that is willing to go above and beyond for superior food service. The only other local restaurant that has been just as kind and welcoming to us is IHOP. My husband and I love our local Whataburger and IHOP. Both have great compassionate kind hard-working people, the type you cannot help befriending, who go the extra mile to gift excellent customer service (the 5 stars kind).

The Mustang Whataburger staff, as a whole, on all levels work together in sync beautifully! They deliver first-rate food service plus a friendly and hygienic environment. This Whataburger has become one of my return to places after reviewing elsewhere. I do not have many return to places (out of all types of restaurants) where I dine on a regular basis, when not reviewing a restaurant (of any type). This compliment means that in my opinion, Mustang’s Whataburger is 5 stars, and a place where I can relax, not worry about what I usually do while reviewing a place. It is consistent in its excellent quality of service, both dine-in and drive-thru.

Their children’s menu has wholesome choices. There is room for all size families in the dining area. Their drive-thru section and crew gets customers through quickly and dependably, usually has orders correct. It is one of the best run fast food restaurants I have experienced, even within its own chain. In the four years of its existence, I have only heard of five complaints via local word of mouth, and all of them occurred before Tod Seals became the General Manager (during its first two years).

Today locally this Whataburger has a great word-of-mouth reputation. People are consistently telling others positively about it. I highly recommend and give my wholehearted appreciation to everyone that is employed at Whataburger, Mustang Oklahoma! Sincerely thank you for the consistent delightful positive experience per visit.

5 stars for Whataburger in Mustang, Oklahoma

Inside Whataburger at Mustang, Oklahoma

General Manager Tod Seals standing in front of the mural depicting Harmon Dobson, the Founder, and his wife Grace Williamson Dobson in front of the first Whataburger located on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, Texas.
General Manager Tod Seals standing in front of the mural depicting Harmon Dobson, the Founder, and his wife Grace Williamson Dobson in front of the first Whataburger located on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, Texas. | Source

Alicia's Whataburger All-Stars List

The list below of Mustang’s Whataburger All-Stars was generated by multiple visits throughout August 2016 through August 2017. The criteria were very stringent. Those who made this list had to stand out as the best in their position, be noticed doing more than is usually expected as well as friendly, caring and supportive toward the customers and their fellow co-workers.

As General Manager, Tod could not ask for better managerial support. The entire crew on each shift does their best to give each customer a happy Whataburger experience. Mustang’s Whataburger has a first-rate team. It is obvious all do their best per position.

A heartfelt extra special thank you to those who made this list of Whataburger All-Stars. For without these exemplary individuals, Mustang, OK Whataburger would not have become one of my “return-to” places.

Whataburger All-Stars (Mustang, Oklahoma)

General Manager:

Tod Seals


David Parnell




Special note: Sherrie is exceptional as Ambassador. She makes the universal working theory look much easier in action than it truly is; very impressive!









Note: Only 7 in the crew position were chosen over all shifts. It was very difficult to narrow down this list considering how well the crew as a team per shift truly operates. Consistency in excellence was a huge factor in determining who made this list.

There were managerial and crew members who were extremely close to making this list. It is hoped these four stars employees will continue to grow into one of the best (5 stars) for they have the potential. My husband and I look forward to witnessing them excelling in their Whataburger career.

Dining area of Mustang, Oklahoma's Whataburger - plenty of seating for everyone!
Dining area of Mustang, Oklahoma's Whataburger - plenty of seating for everyone! | Source

Whataburger is well known for its condiments and sauces

My favorite for breakfast: Whataburger Cinnamon Roll - delicious!
My favorite for breakfast: Whataburger Cinnamon Roll - delicious! | Source

More about Whataburger

The History of Whataburger: shares how Harmon Dobson began the first Whataburger in 1950, and how his business became the large fast food restaurant chain it is today.

Whataburger's company website also covers these topics:

1. Careers at Whataburger

2. The Whataburger Menu

3. Whataburger News and Stories

4. How Whataburger supports communities

5. A shop titled "Whatastore" where anyone can buy Whataburger gifts, bundles, the Whatapack and gift cards.

6. A store locator: find with this handy website tool where Whataburger is the closest to you.

Whataburger is a private owned company. Stocks are not available (I asked August 2017). This is a Texas, USA based business that currently is growing domestically.

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