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Durian, Durian: My Experience with the King of Fruit

Updated on May 19, 2011

Durian Durian Durian...

I remember my fascination with the Durian fruit began when I was probably less than ten years old.

I remember reading a missionary story involving a young girl who journeyed to the city. During their barefoot walk, her guide dexterously clambered up into a nearby tree and knocked down a large spiky fruit called a Durian.

The book went on to describe the disgusting smell of the fruit and the unique and wonderful taste that rewarded the person who dared open the disgusting reward. I think the description of the taste was something along the lines of honey and cream and custard.

Since that day the Durian has popped into my short attention span from time to time. A book mention here, a tv mention there.

The King of all Fruits - The Durian. Photo courtesy of ~MVI~ (recycling old photos) on Flickr

A few years back I even seriously considered tracking one down. However my search was quickly forestalled by the discovery that the rare Durian fruit was such a delicacy that it wasn't generally available in my section of the country. In fact I'd have to travel thousands of kilometres to a southern metropolitan centre just to catch a glimpse of one of these spiky beauties.

So once again the Durian was forgotten. But just the other day I was visiting the store and saw a strange fruit that reminded me of a bunya nut (a spiky cluster of nuts that grows on bunya trees).

I looked at the name and saw that it was in fact a Durian fruit. I was in a hurry so I didn't stop to look at the price and continued on my way, making a quick mental note about my discovery of the formerly rare fruit.

So I sent my partner to buy one today. I waited in anticipation for my first taste of this delectable treat and prepared myself to brave the pungent odour.

My fruit arrived, to my great delight. I left it in the kitchen for awhile, savouring the idea of finally sampling it.

Finally I went into the kitchen and smelt it. Well... the smell wasn't that bad in my opinion. However I have a cold so that probably blocked some of it....

I was disappointed by the price tag hanging off the mesh bag on the side. It said "Reduced to clear $2.99". I waited all this time for something that they'd sell off for just $3? Geez.

Nevertheless I was still psyched to try it. I opened the already cracked casing and pulled out a wedge of sticky, creamy fruit. The outer layer peeled off in my hand and I shoved it in my mouth, eagerly awaiting the wonderful promised taste sensation.

I have to admit it - it wasn't all I expected. It certainly has a unique taste but I'd take a fresh peach or a cheese cake over it any day.

What did it taste like? Well I've heard many different variations on what the Durian tastes like but to me it tasted like mangoes and rock melon.

Will I buy it again? Probably not.

The moral of the story? Sometimes the wait and anticipation aren't quite worth the result.


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