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My Homebrewing Experience

Updated on October 3, 2011
My homebrew kit
My homebrew kit

Beer. I enjoy it. Many do as well. I would consider myself more on the snobby side of beer. If that is even an accurate description. I enjoy the nuances and subtle flavors of different beers. So about 5 months ago the idea of brewing my own beer came into my head.

Like most projects that I tackle I began to do massive research online. I began to read about a bunch of terminology that went over my head and quite honestly intimidated me. Not to be discouraged I kept with my idea of brewing my own beer. (Hoping that it would possibly be drinkable!)

I looked through forum after forum and article after article..........ending up with a pre-made kit that consisted of two 6 1/2 gallon buckets, some tubing, and a few other specific tools such as a bottle capper and siphon. With this kit also came a pre-measured kit for making an Irish Red Ale.

I was skeptical. So was my wife. So with my new kit and the detailed instructions that came with it I began my first batch of brew. Let's just say that on the boiling process that the hops smell can really take over the house. (Hope your significant other likes that smell!) I enjoy cooking in the first place and this process was like following a recipe for anything else that you might want to prepare. Just not your normal herbs and spices!

So after the initial brewing day and getting everything into my fermenter (6 1/2 gal. bucket) it seemed that everything was going along just fine. I might have just done it! After a week in the fermenter I moved it to a secondary (5 gal bucket). You may be asking how I moved from a 6 1/2 gallon bucket to a 5 gallon bucket but the kit that I had makes only 5 gallons of beer and the extra room in the fermenter is for all the CO2 that is bubbling during the first phase.

After letting everything sit for another week and a half it was finally bottling day. Now acquiring the bottles for this was quite fun in its on right......... Still following the instructions that came with the kit I began to bottle my beer. It smelled like beer and tasted like flat beer. Maybe I was onto something. With the beer bottled (49 12oz bottles was the final tally) now it was time for more waiting.

After a week and a half I couldn't wait anymore I had to see if I actually had made something that was more than skunky water! Normally you want to wait longer so that the beer can carbonate to the proper level but the anticipation was killing me!

It was actually good! Really good to be honest! My fears were no more! I had made beer and it was good! Since then I have also made a Double IPA that is better than the Irish Red but I might be biased. A new batch is coming up very soon!

So if you enjoy beer and love to give things a go I would encourage you to try homebrewing!

Some finished bottles
Some finished bottles


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