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My Review!

Updated on June 6, 2018
baileylovell profile image

Bailey is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri; she has a BSBA in Marketing. She is from St. Louis, MO but now lives in Virginia.

5 stars from 2 ratings of

If you've never heard of it, is an online marketplace for anything from food to electronics. It can be compared to Amazon for its range of products, online-only presence, and lower than normal prices. aims to find sellers with the lowest prices on goods. It then continue's to discount the price of your basket items during the purchasing process (which I go further into detail about in a minute).

I found out about this site when I got a $10 off coupon in my monthly Shape magazine. From the coupon, I could tell that this was an online marketplace that sold a wide range of products, including groceries. This peaked my interest because groceries are something I have to buy anyways, and it is not always easy to get a large discount on them, so why not try it out. I was also drawn in by the selection of healthy goods they offered on the site. I live in a small town where the grocery stores don't have a large selection of healthy foods, and the nearest Trader Joes or Whole Foods is nearly an hour away. If I could order these goods online, for a low price, instead of driving an hour, I was sold.

So, I made my list and went on my online grocery store shopping trip. First, I went to and used their search bar to search for the items on my list individually. This was a very simple process. I either found the product I was looking for, or they came up with alternatives for me if they didn't have the specific brand. That being said, here is my first, and possibly only complaint about the site: they don't have EVERYTHING I want. Now I realize this doesn't sound like the worst problem I could have, and it isn't. Although there were some specific brands I was looking for that the site did not have, this is something I would also expect to happen at any grocery store. The site still had plenty more options than my local stores, so this "problem" is not something that would prevent me from using the site again. Homepage/Searchbar Homepage/Searchbar | Source

One big positive I experienced from was the savings. My boyfriend and I are currently living on one income, so I am frugal with what I choose to buy. This is why I don't often purchase healthy items because they can be more expensive. What I found when I searched these healthy items on was that the prices were cheaper than ones I have found in stores, which I was very happy about. Granted, some brands are still on the expensive side, but they had so many alternatives of the things I was looking for so that didn't bother me. I still found great prices.

Along with the already low prices they offer, they try and find ways to discount your goods even more through other alternatives, as I stated before. These features were ones I have not ever before seen on a site like this. The first extra savings I noticed was that the more items I added to my card, the larger discount I would get on my next item. They call these their "smart items" and all of these items, which will save you more on your purchase, have a special symbol by them.

Smart Items
Smart Items | Source

One other discount I took advantage of during my shopping trip was the extra 1.5% off my total order they offered if I used a Debit card instead of Credit. This worked out well since I don't actually own a credit card anyways, and It saved me an extra few bucks, which never hurts.

There were three discounts I did not end up taking advantage of that I was offered:

First, was the extra discount the site applies when you buy multiples of an item. The more you buy of one item, the larger discount you get off your total purchase. On an item like a bag of chips, which starts out at around $4, you can save an extra $1 off your purchase if you buy 6. This may not seem like a ton, but on top of all the other discounts they already offer, it adds up.

Second, the discount they offer when you decide the waive your free 30-day return for your items. Since this was my first time using the site, and I purchased some products I had never tried before, I decided it was in my best interest to keep the free returns. But If you knew you weren't going to need to return anything, I would definitely take advantage of this offer!

Third, was a site-wide 15% off discount that I could not use because It wouldn't combine with the $10 off $35 coupon I was already using. But I obviously would have taken advantage of the discount if I didn't have the coupon.

Example of the multi-product discount
Example of the multi-product discount | Source

One last thing I have to mention is how fast I got my products! The site offers 2-day shipping for a flat rate of $5.99, which I think is really reasonable considering you didn't have to make a trip to the store, you've already gotten low prices, and the flat rate means you can buy as much as you want for one low cost.

BUT, they offer an even better option that I made sure to take advantage of which was free shipping on any order over $35. I RARELY make a grocery store trips that end in a total purchase under $35 so I had no problem justifying buying $35 in food on the site. Now, I consider shipping times relative, and never expect to actually get things on time because that seems to be how it has worked out in the past, but this time, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I got my items in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! I was amazed, to say the least.

So, after my experience, would I recommend Yes, absolutely! After the low prices, multiple extra discounts, and the super fast shipping, I was sold and will definitely be a returning customer. (And no I am not being compensated for this review in any way, I just wanted to share a great experience I had with a great company.)

Now since you are already sitting on your computer anyways, go try it out!

~ Also.. I have included a breakdown of my entire order and all of the discounts I received below so you can see for yourself. If you have any questions about how any of this worked let me know in the comments! ~

Do you have any other tips for saving money on Let me know in the comments!

And feel free to ask about anything I may not have covered.


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    • profile image


      24 months ago

      My 2lb raspberry covered pretzels came in terrible shape. In the original bag, in one huge lump. Broken (loooots of those) and whole pieces all melted together. What a shame, they are good

    • profile image

      No Time For Jets Nonsense 

      2 years ago is running a 3-ring circus. I'm done dealing with them. They have no idea how a point of order system works. They have no idea how to ship fragile items. They hire millennials who think they know everything when they understand little to nothing. They are completely out of control and the little savings you get is not worth the loss of time and headache to fix their multiple errors and chaos. They send the wrong product and then charge you for the product claim that it's what you ordered. They can't control inventory. They don't know how to package glass items and repeatedly contact you telling you that your items got damaged in shipping. Then they ask you if you want it resent. Of course you want it resent. Then, they package the item again in the same manner so it arrives broken. They ask for feedback and don't listen to the feedback. Ridiculous waste of time!

    • baileylovell profile imageAUTHOR

      Bailey Lovell 

      4 years ago from Lexington, VA

      Oh gosh thank you! I had no idea!

    • Margie Lynn profile image

      Margie's Southern Kitchen 

      4 years ago from the USA

      Just a heads up for you, you repeated the info about free shipping, thought you might want to edit that, hope you do not mind me telling you!

    • baileylovell profile imageAUTHOR

      Bailey Lovell 

      4 years ago from Lexington, VA

      Margie - I am glad you found this helpful! I would definitely recommend it.

    • Margie Lynn profile image

      Margie's Southern Kitchen 

      4 years ago from the USA

      Hi, I have been looking at but could not figure out if it was a good deal or not. Thanks so much for your article!


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