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My Journey into Cider Making!

Updated on July 9, 2012

It Starts Here

I've always been a fan of cider, the homemade stuff that is. When it comes to mass produced cider available in shops and pubs, however, I'm not the slightest bit interested. I can't stand the stuff! Which is why I've decided to have a go at making cider myself. I've been promising my wife I'd do this for many years now (she's also a fan of the homemade stuff!) but have been putting it off for one reason or another. The only time we've been able to drink it is at friend's or relative's houses.

This year, however, it's different.

This is the year I get my own fruit press. This is the year I learn how to make cider the way it's supposed to. And this is the year I intend to drink cider 'til I start dreaming of apples!

The Available Options

When it comes to getting a fruit press, you really have 2 options. You can buy one or you can build one.

Personally, I've decided to build my own but with a little bit of a helping hand. I've purchased a kit that comes with all the necessary metal components and a set of instructions, but I have to buy the wood separately and construct the wooden parts myself. It's the ideal situation for me. This way I can get a press with fully working and matching components, but can save some money as well as get the satisfaction of having built it myself.

I got the press kit online from Simply Cider Presses and opted for the Homesteader Build-Your-Own Kit. It provides everything you need to build a single-tub press, a size that I think will be more than adequate for me.

If you have the money or don't want to build a press yourself, you can of course buy the Homesteader press pre-assembled but as mentioned, not only will I save money this way but I'll get the satisfaction element too.

At this point, I just need to buy the wood.

Getting Hold of Apples!

Obviously a pretty vital component to making cider is lots of apples! We're lucky in that we have our own apple tree in our garden, two in fact, which is another motivating factor for having a press in the first place!

For those not so fortunate, you can buy apples in large quantities, or you can of course steal them from a neighbor!

Learning How to Actually Make Cider

Once you have the necessary apples, other ingredients and of course a fully functioning cider press, you can start making some decent progress!

There are many "how-to" articles and recipes online, but I think the best way to learn this sort of thing is still via a good book. Personally, I've opted for this book available on Amazon and I'm currently half way through. Thankfully I haven't been put off the idea yet as I already have my press kit, in fact I get more excited in anticipation after every turn of page!

Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, it seems that this is indeed the year that I make some decent progress towards cider heaven! It's been a long time coming and a lot of procrastinating, but I'm getting ever closer.

I can certainly recommend as a retailer of presses, and they seem to have a great range to choose from depending on your requirements.

Now I've just got to build the press itself (hopefully it goes as smoothly as creating this Hub!)


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