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My K Cup - Coffee the Green Way

Updated on February 27, 2010

Why Use the My K Cup

There are over millions of coffee filters thrown away every day, and sometimes over 5 in a single household. Keurig has decided to make an environmentally friendly alternative to help both our planet and our wallets. The My K Cup is a reusuably coffee filter that is made up of three basic components. These three components can hold approximately 12 grams of ground coffee and are compatible with the Keurig Coffee Brewer. Not only does the My K Cup save money, but it also saves you time cleaning out dirty coffee pots. The coffee is brewed and pours right into a selected coffee mug or thermos.

My K Cup allows you to choose from a wider range of coffee blends that are not available in the prepackaged K Cups. It also means that you can choose the amount used and how finely ground the coffee beans are make it just right for you. The My K Cup broadens Keurig's horizons to give you just the cup of joe you need in the morning and at lesser cost.

Avid Tea Drinkers

For some who do not drink coffee, My K Cup also allows you to brew loose leaf teas and other herbs with ease. Loose leaf teas are less expensive, and also do not use bags and paper that must be thrown away. Therefore it is also more environmentally friendly.

Where to find My K Cups

My K Cups can be found online at,, and, as well as many other sites. For those who are hesitant to buy online, they can also be found at local department stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens n Things, and JC Pennys.

Keurig Coffee Makers

If you are interested in buying My K Cups but do not have a Keurig Coffee Maker, they can be bought online from anywhere between $80-$250. Keurig offers a minibrewing system at the listed price of $80, but it would be wise to first check ebay, amazon, or other online websites for sales or discounted keurig products.

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    • zaureny profile image

      zaureny 8 years ago

      Always! Thanks for reading :)

    • tim-tim profile image

      Priscilla Chan 8 years ago from Normal, Illinois

      We should all be concious about saving the earth and going green!Thanks for the reminder:)