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My Wine Passion Chiller Stick - Aerator, Pourer and Cooler All in One

Updated on March 31, 2015
My Wine Passion Chiller Stick is 3 in 1 wine solution made of stainless steel
My Wine Passion Chiller Stick is 3 in 1 wine solution made of stainless steel

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick was launched in the USA in the mid Jan. and is distributed exclusively via The wine chiller is designed for any wine type - red, white, rose, etc. My Wine Passion, the brand behind the wine chiller, explains that there are different use cases depending on the wine type.

Using My Wine Passion Chiller Stick with Red Wines

For red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot the wine chiller is used to drop the temperature of a wine bottle a few degrees. The usual serving temperature for red wine is between 57-68 °F (13-20 °C). Although it is known that red wine is perfect at "room temperature" it is a bit warmer in most homes. Using the frozen stainless steel wine chiller will cool down the bottle between 5°F and 9°F (3°C and 5°C). In such conditions the bottle of red wine will taste as close to as wine cellar as possible. It usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes this temperature to be reached.

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick Keeps White Wine Temperature

White wines have different temperature for serving than the red ones. White wines taste perfectly at 48-58 °F (9-14 °C). The refrigerator is the best option to bring the temperature of the wine bottle to such level. Once the wine is opened it makes no sense to go back and forth to the fridge in order to keep the wine chilled. The best ways ware to use either an ice bucket or a wine chiller stick. The ice bucket is a nice option for every bottle of wine.

An ice bucket is the old fashioned way to keep wine cooled
An ice bucket is the old fashioned way to keep wine cooled | Source

The wine chiller stick has a few advantages than an ordinary ice bucket. The first one is that the it takes less space on the table. Second - the wine chiller does not leave water drops. Such drops are the result of the melting ice inside the bucket. The third advantage of My Wine Passion Chiller Stick is the combination of 3 wine accessories in one.

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick can preserve the temperature of a 25oz (750ml) wine bottle for up to an hour. As with the reds the chilling rod needs to be put in the freezer to freeze for a few hours before usage. A wine chiller stick will not cool down a room temperature bottle of white wine to the desired level.

Champagne and Rosé wine are also served already chilled, similar to white wines. Each of them has its own serving temperature:

  • champagne is served cooler than white wine - 42-54 °F (6-10 °C)
  • rosé is advised to be served about 48-54 °F (9-12 °C)

A wine chiller will not only keep the wine cool but will aerate and help pouring
A wine chiller will not only keep the wine cool but will aerate and help pouring
The built-in aerator is perfect for red wine lovers
The built-in aerator is perfect for red wine lovers

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick Is a Wine Aerator

My Wine Passion's wine accessory is made of 2 parts - stainless steel chilling rod and an acrylic spout. While the rod is used to keep the wine at a decent temperature the spout has a built-in wine aerator to enhance the bouquet of the wine. Wine aeration means exposing wine to oxygen. It results in making some of the volatile compounds of the wine to evaporate. Sulfites are such compound. They are added to preserve the wine in a bottle longer. When the bottle is opened sulfities might bring a sense of something burnt.

The Deep Breath aerator that My Wine Passion has integrated with the chilling rod provides slower pouring. It increases the contact between wine and oxygen and enriches the flavour of the wine. For best results a bottle of red wine should be left open for 15-30 minutes before opening. Older wines need a bit more time to "take a breath" after the opening compared to new ones.

The super thing edge of the wine pourer guarantees hassle free wine experience
The super thing edge of the wine pourer guarantees hassle free wine experience

Double Layer Technology Prevents from Wine Drips

Pouring a glass of wine could be tricky. It usually takes some experience in order to learn how to twist the wine bottle so the last drops of wine stays inside the bottle and not on the tablecloth. Using My Wine Passion Chiller Stick can save a lot of hassles while having a pleasant evening with nice wine. The spout of the chiller does not only aerates wine but provides confident pouring. The wine pourer has a second layer with a very thin edge. This ensures that when the bottle is straightened the last drop will go back into the bottle.

The wine pourer comes handy when the wine is old and there are some sediments in there or as a testimonial of My Wine Passion has pointed out the pourer will still keeps everything clean and tidy even after a few glasses of wine.

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick is Easy to Use

  1. put the chilling rod into the freezer for a few hours
  2. take it out and attach the spout
  3. pour a glass of wine to make room in the bottle
  4. insert the wine chiller and make sure it snugs well
  5. tilt the bottle to aerate and pour
  6. after use just rinse the chiller with warm water

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick Improves Time with Wine

  • aerates wine and improves the true aroma and bouquet
  • keeps a bottle wine at a decent temperature for up to an hour
  • pours vino with no drips and no spills
  • makes a bit more space on the dining table
  • can be used many times without deformations or breaking

Why Chose My Wine Passion Chiller Stick

  • the chill rod is stainless-steel
  • just the right length for 25oz (750ml) wine bottles - 12.6''
  • the spout is detachable - only the chilling rod is put in freezer
  • 3-in-1 solution - chiller, aerator and pourer - it saves money
  • 4 silicon rings - 0.6'' to 0.75'' - nicely fits most wine bottles
  • a double layer pourer prevents wine drips
  • really simple and quite easy to use
  • comes in fantastic box - a nice gift for any occasion
  • flawless customer service by the retailer
  • sold with a lifetime money-back guarantee by the manufacturer

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick comes in a nice gift box, perfect for any occasion
My Wine Passion Chiller Stick comes in a nice gift box, perfect for any occasion

This wine chiller makes a perfect gift. It is packaged perfectly for wrapping and looks great. The chiller stick is easy to use...I love the fact that the pieces are separate, so you can use it as just an aerator or as a chiller...

— CharliesAngel

...This wine chiller is a simple experience all around, and actually makes the wine tasting experience that much more pleasurable. I definitely have a new item to enhance my usual wine pouring experience. It was a pleasure to test this wine chiller stick and share my honest opinions!

— Joy Blair

This is the perfect white wine cooling system that does bring it to a temperature where it's cool enough to enjoy, but not so cold that it masks the nuances of the wine. Actually this also works perfectly for some reds like Beaujolais...

For me this is the perfect way to enjoy white wine at a much better temperature than refrigerating it. And as I said, the aerator is great without chilling for red winds, so it's a versatile 'tool' for folks who enjoy wine.

— Mike Tarrani - Top 10 Amazon Reviewer


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