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My special recipes

Updated on May 7, 2011

My special recipes

When God made the world it was formless and void, and God had vision for this void formless earth, so God created living things, like: flowers, vegetables plants, fruits, flowers etc. The beauty of the earth remains beautiful today. God bless them and said, "this is good."

God created us in his own image; one would believe image is physical features but not at all times, what about our ability to be creative, an imaginative vision to create something is an image of how God made us; so i thought of a tasteless boil egg looking so unappetizing and i thought of how can i make a tasteful dish out of it. You may have tried it before but this is my personal addition:

Curry eggs

3 boil eggs
 1  onion
1 clove garlic
  spring onions 
scotch bonnet peppers
1 fresh tomatoes
1/4 tea spoon black pepper (optional)
2 sml Maggie cube 
1/2 tea spoon curry


Slice all 3 eggs in small pieces. Pour a small amount olive oil in hot pot, then add spring onion, garlic, tomatoes let seasons simmer for 1 minute,then add curry powder let it burn for 20sec. then add eggs and stir for season to blend with boil eggs.add sweet pepper and Maggie cube. put stove on low heat steam for 5 mins then serve.

egg salad

Boil eggs
Treaded cabbage
Cherry tomatoes
Treaded carrots
Black pepper


slice eggs in medium cubes.Tread the carrot and cabbage. Add honey to vinegar and heat until warm, then pour the vinegar mixture to the treaded carrot and cabbage. Add cherry tomatoes black pepper and stir to taste. Enjoy my simple recipe:-)


clips from U-tube

Egg Power Punch

This is very simple, my mother always make it for me when i was growing up, very nice and simple drink, very healthy also and gives energy and vitality. I'm going to make a small amount for just one person but feel free to try it in the mount you wish;-) 

1 egg
3 fresh oranges
1table spoon,any tonic wine of your choice 

Blend or juice oranges, add one egg, wine and honey for a sweet taste add tiny ice-cubes and blend together all ingredients until it very watery. Enjoy:-)


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