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My top 10 list of the best places to get Hawaii Fast Food

Updated on August 5, 2009

Fast Food in Hawaii

Hawaii serves its visitors and locals with beautiful scenery everyday, but what about the food? In the mainland you can find a countless amount of restaurants offering fast food. So what should a person expect when they travel to these Pacific islands? Well with the heavy influence of Asian cuisine, fast food in Hawaii has its own identity. This article will discuss 10 of the best places to get fast food in Hawaii.

L& L Hawaiian Barbecue

This is one of my personal favorites to eat at, when in Hawaii. The restaurant does a great job in keeping things simple. L & L offers a wide variety of food from hamburgers to teriyaki steak. My favorite food to get at L&L has to be their chicken katsu plates. Majority of there food is served with macaroni and two scoops of rice. This is the perfect place to eat for those who want to fill up without going to a fancy restaurant.

Kua Aina Sandwich Shop

Kua Aina is a great place to get burgers. Since this is Hawaii, the eatery makes sure to keep its island influence by even serving Mahi Mahi burgers. A favorite of mine would have to be there fresh salads made from scratch. Another popular their Hawaiian French fries. If you want a taste of some authentic French fries this is the place to try.


Zippys Restaurant is also Hawaii. This restaurant has become the face for Hawaiian food on a commercial level. They serve fresh sushi , fish, chicken, and much more all while keeping it Hawaiian. Zippy’s make a great Loco Moco, which is a popular dish in the islands. A Loco Moco consist of rice, a beef patty, and fried eggs with gravy on top. For those who are visiting, you must have at least one meal at Zippy’s if you want to feel like a local.

Teddy’s Bigger Burger

This is another place for someone to try if they are burger lovers. Teddy’s is known as the burger joint of Hawaii. The restaurant comes with a 50’s style theme and the burgers to make you love this place. The name of this restaurant already tells you what to expect, big burgers. The Honolulu Advertiser has ranked Teddy’s as having the number one burger in the state. The company motto suggests its much more than fast food but its fresh food made to order..

I Love Country Café

This café is a very popular place to eat for Hawaii’s local stars. ILCC offers a nutritious menu for their customers to enjoy. For example they give you the option of having white rice or a healthier choice of brown rice. Many weight lifters enjoy the food at ILCC because of the health conscious menu. The service is great and the atmosphere is very laid back.

Rainbow Drive Inn

Rainbow’s is another local spot for great food in Hawaii. The eatery offers a large selection of food to choose from. They serve classics like the loco moco, long rice, and chili with rice bowls. The company started with its founder Seiju Ifuku who was a veteran of World War II. Rainbow’s Drive Inn is a popular place to enjoy amongst locals.

Now for some people they may still want a taste of the mainland despite the many local restaurants in Hawaii. Hawaii does not aim to disappoint because they have fast food places available that you would find in the states. Here are some fast food restaurants you can find in Hawaii that are located in the mainland.

The best of the rest, Top U.S. Fast Food Restaurants in Hawaii

7.Jack In the Box



10. Pizza Hut

Trust me Hawaii will satisfy your taste buds no matter where your from. Locals and visitors can find great food on the same block.

What is your favorite "Big Island" Fast Food Restaurant?

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