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Myanmar Food - Delicious dish unique 6

Updated on March 21, 2016

Myanmar Cuisine

1. Salad

Before leaving Myanmar, the information I learned the most, across the travel forum is tea leaf salad dishes. So, when his Myanmar was very curious about this dish. Speaking of salad sure everyone would imagine this dish made from vegetables, green features but this dish is quite strange. It's brown and yellow tea leaves of roasted peanuts, but peanuts are impregnated with a layer of dough and fried, eat quite interesting. This dish has a sour and tart, mixed with a little less cabbage and garlic julienne sliced. It is considered as an appetizer for dinner from Myanmar.

A salad, but not as famous tea leaf salad, traveling to new areas Inle Lake is known this dish, which is the green tomato salad. The reason this dish became popular is because green tomatoes grown on Inle Lake area and the people here that make this fruit into an attractive dish can be used daily. This dish has attractive colors than tea leaf salad and also quite appetizing for those who love vegetables.

Seems communication is a favorite material in this country because even in this dish also crushed peanuts.

Myanmar Shan com
Myanmar Shan rice
2. Rice Shan

Typical dishes of ethnic Shan - Myanmar's main ethnic characteristics are such names - Shan rice. This is like a kind of mixed rice, the rice is cooked with water and served with technology freshwater fish - always with garlic and marinated peppers. This dish is not for people who can not eat spicy food because every time you eat this feels terrible spicy too. Besides rice with fish, there are a couple of roasted salted peanuts, or boiled eggs, seasonal vegetables at ...

This dish in a restaurant is always served with a fried cake of rice like Muslims.

nha hang myanmar
Myanmar curry
3. Curry Myanmar

One of the main dishes in Myanmar is attracting curry. Curry here have many choices for main raw materials such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb or seafood ... In some restaurant curry cooked with onion, you see quite where to eat and attractions. In Myanmar, the feast of curry rice will be served with salad, vegetables or tofu.

My Myanmar

4. noodles

Like the cuisine of Southeast Asian countries, a very attractive part of Myanmar's culinary dishes fiber, using sauces, broth or soups. Like Vietnam have Pho, Wanton Mee Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar dishes Laska ... then also a lot of pasta dishes worth trying.

Pasta dishes are typical of the Shan Shan tofu noodles. This type of tofu made from yellow lentils and chickpeas instead as our soybeans. Tofu slices with yellow noodles, broth is chan had just had you stick to your fat. This dish can be found in all the alleys, markets in Myanmar from to until the evening.

A different mix noodles in Myanmar also equally famous and is known as the Myanmar's Spaghetti Noodles Thoke Nan Gyi. Noodles made from rice, noodles pretty much finished us. When processing is mixed with chicken curry or broth from bones and vegetables.

Mohinga also a signature dish with raw bean powder, roasted rice, catfish cooked broth and lots of spices such as garlic, onions, ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce ... Food can Laska dishes taste quite the same as in Malaysia.

5. Snacks

When I go on the market in Yangon and Bagan, I see there are a lot of stalls selling junk food. Also, in the densely populated area also has many shops selling these food items. Just down the bus station, while waiting for the car to go Bagan, their opportunity to sit in one shop selling snacks that are fried pastries covered in grease. I can not name all kinds of questions because there are so many kinds, many sizes and different shapes.

Quan Ngon Myanmar

On the picture is a pretty tasty cake, seems made from bean curd instead of pulp as it clearly separated into layers. But most of the cakes made of glutinous rice flour or rice, there is a mix of both 2 when this kind. The cake is served with a sweet and sour sauce.

Besides the cakes are fried, then there is a different kind of pastry called Moun.

These cakes are not that sweet sweet taste from sugar by natural materials such as coconut fiber, coconut milk, rice flour, fruits ...

6. Drinks

In Myanamar the teahouse you can find everywhere. Typical tea that tourists come to this area also known as the Tea Mix test, the tea is mixed with condensed milk, but the faint taste of tea with black beans, quite strange and fascinating.

Tea teahouse MyanmarCac mix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso home to meet Myanmar people, said the daily simple story. Tea is usually sold together with all kinds of junk food aforementioned. These Chinese teahouse owner is usually sold with dumplings, but the dumplings sweet red bean, green beans.

In addition to the tourists hang out all day, then a refreshing drink like lemonade - Lime juice is a useful item. Here is the kind of lemon lemon yellow, often called Lime instead of lime, called Lemon as in we should be very tasty. In any public bars in Myanmar are serving this country from the shop at markets, cafes, restaurants to fast food kiosks in the commercial center.

These dishes are just a small part of Myanmar cuisine but rather his personal taste, and also can help you feel a little bit of culinary attraction of this land.


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