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Naga Viper Pepper: Seeds, Sauce and Market

Updated on May 8, 2012

The Naga Viper Pepper is serious business (Naga viper pepper seed and sauce searchers, this is for you). The big – sorry – small and mean spice is no nonsense when it comes to setting your gourmet sensibilities on fire. For-Sale Naga Viper Pepper seeds, sauce or even ready-for-consumption caches of the pepper, unfortunately for now, are not expected soon.

Naga Viper Pepper Seeds

Here are some of the reasons many believe why seeds or sauce of the spice would not be in the market in at least two years. The reasons are even more compelling that the creators of the Naga Viper, The Chilli Pepper Company, based in the UK, do not have any seeds on its sale roll. There were some points mentioned about a few “collectors item” seeds sent to ‘reviewers’ but none so much as a sachet of Naga Viper seeds for sale. The rarity of the spice genus: the chief reason is that the Naga Viper Pepper is not a pure genus unlike the Naga Morich or Bhut Jolokia or even the Jalapeno. Naga Viper is a hybrid. According to what I have read, the pepper being a hybrid makes it ‘unstable’ to produce offspring exactly, like the parent genus.

There are complex technological variables here that govern production capabilities to farm the pepper large-scale. The pepper being a relatively new ‘genus’ of hot spices, scientific intervention remains a limited option. Therefore, basically, spice farmers will not see any Naga Viper pepper seeds or sauce, or production quality peppers in the market anytime soon leave alone large-scale commercial farming. Meaning, the Naga Viper hybrid and its seeds or its subsidiary products such as sauce and seasonings will not be anywhere in the market.

Naga Viper Pepper Sauce

In addition, an important note to make here is that the pepper is relatively new. It was only in February 2011 that the pepper came to the attention of the world. I scoured around and came up with a number of interesting information. It would be of interest to note that even the very company, The Chilli Pepper Company, which created the Naga Viper, itself, does not have market caches for sauce products of the pepper. I found that the only Naga Viper sauce the company can offer is a 30ml bottle of Naga Viper Sauce at £3.50 and that too “limited edition” meant only for ‘reviewers’ and tasters I believe.

Facts about the Naga Viper Pepper

The Naga Viper Pepper’s piquancy (“heat”) measures 1,382,118 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) on the Scoville scale. No wonder every spice farmer is looking for the peppers’ seeds – or chefs and foodies, for sauce. The Naga Viper Pepper – no connection to the Viper – was the Guinness World Records’ "World's Hottest Chili", recorded up to February 2011.

Earlier, the Naga Viper routed the Naga Jolokia (also called the Naga Mircha or Naga Morich) hands down. The Naga Morich measures 1,001,304 SHU. The Jolokia is from India’s remote North East Region (NER) and was the previously the “World’s Hottest Chili” before an English farmer of The Chilli pepper Company farmed the hybrid reportedly from three formidable chilies – the “Naga Morich”, the “Bhut Jolokia” and the Trinidad Scorpion.

An assessment of the potency of the Naga Viper can be surmised by comparing it to a ‘normal pepper”: Common peppers register anywhere from the ‘quite hot’ 5,000 SHUs to ‘very hot’ 8000 SHUs. The Naga Viper’s piquancy is, well, an overtly incredible 1,382,118 SHUs.

The very piquancy of the Naga Viper Pepper makes it a favorite target for farmers seeking seeds. For now, one can only hope Naga vipers germinate swiftly so the spice would go on sale at least. If production takes off and the Naga pepper goes on sale, you can expect Naga Viper sauce products in a few years. As for For-sale seeds and sauce signboards, the wait at the dinner table continues.


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