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Which Napoleon Infrared Grill Would You Choose?

Updated on February 14, 2013
Napoleon Infrared Grill
Napoleon Infrared Grill

Napoleon makes a variety of sizes of infrared grills with all sorts of useful features so that you can choose the best grill to meet your needs and wants. Taking the time to look at some of these grills will you decide which napoleon infrared grill is the right one for you.

Napoleon Portable Infrared Grill

Portable Napoleon infrared grills are designed for those who lack the space for a full-size grill or who want a grill that they can take camping or to that next tailgate party. A portable Napoleon infrared grill is made with commercial stainless steel construction. You can also get a variety of set ups to mount the grill to your boat rail, or trailer hitch. A portable Napoleon infrared grill cooks fast and gives those steaks and chops a perfect sear while locking the moisture inside. It can be taken to the beach, park, when tailgating, camping, or be used at home. This grill uses a small cylinder, but can also be fitted with an adapter hose to allow for a large tank for those who want to grill at home.

Napoleon Stationary Grills

There are several different models of Napoleon infrared stationary grills. While some of these grills deliver pure infrared cooking, others combine traditional gas cooking with infrared technology allowing you to cook all different types of food. The infrared part of the grill is perfect for meat, while the more traditional type of heating works well for grilling vegetables and even fruits.

Some of the models of the Napoleon infrared grills comes with smoke boxes to help you give your food a real smoky taste. Different models of grills also have a different number of burners and come in different sizes. Napoleon infrared grills also offer different fuel choices with some being propane fueled and others using natural gas.

Finding the Right Grill for You

With so many different Napoleon infrared grills to choose from it can be difficult to choose the right grill to meet you needs. However, there are ways that you can narrow down your search for that perfect Napoleon infrared grill.

Here are a few steps that you can take.

  • Identify Your Needs. The first thing that you will want to do is identify your needs. Do you have a large or small family? Do you want a grill you can use at home and on the road, or simply want to use for backyard grilling? Identifying your exact needs will you to determine the size of grill you will be looking for.
  • Know Your Budget. You also need to set the amount you can afford to spend on a grill. While some of these grills are extremely affordable others are quite high end and may be beyond the amount of money you have to spend on a grill.
  • Read the Reviews. Once you have narrowed your choices of grills down, then take the time to read the reviews of each of the grills you may be interested in. Make sure you read both the good and bad reviews so that you get a clear picture of what each Napoleon infrared grill has to offer.

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