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National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Updated on October 16, 2014

Cakes in a Cup

It was not a surprise to me to find out that there was a day set aside to celebrate cupcakes. They have become a big enterprise in the 21st century with shops opening, baking and selling only cupcakes. I was little uneasy, however, to see that chocolate sweets were singled out. How would this make the other cupcakes feel? Why were they being left out? Is this a case of cupcake bigotry?

Thankfully, there is a Vanilla cupcake day happening in November. I am not sure what happens beyond these two months, but I hope that there are more celebrations to come. What would a month be without a National Cupcake Day?

We Want Chocolate!

There are few things people feel as passionate about as chocolate. We go as far as calling it a craving and labeling people as "Chocoholics." Every second, Americans eat 100 pounds of chocolate. Could it be that we desire chocolate for more than the taste? The smell of chocolate increases brain waves which trigger relaxation.

Is there anything better than getting to your desk at work on your birthday and finding a chocolate cupcake with a candle in it. Well there are a lot of things better, but it is awfully darn more ways than one. The real question is, if you have a chocolate cake, what kind of frosting should you have on it. Chocolate on chocolate for the real lovers. I think a simple vanilla or strawberry is best. Then there are the adventurous among us who want peanut butter, cinnamon or Baileys Cream frosting.

Gourmet Tastes

The hot trend in gourmet cupcakes seems to trace back to the Sex and the City episode of 2000 when two of the characters are seen indulging on the treats from Magnolia's Bakery in New York City. More recently, gourmet cupcakes were featured in the plot of Two Broke Girls.

They even got their own television shows. Cup Cake Wars on the Food Network, Cup Cake Girls on WEtv, and DC Cupcakes on TLC have all aired recently. You may find these treats at a wedding in place of the traditional wedding cake. Who takes the time to cut the wedding cupcake?

The boom in the business of bakeries who carry only these special cakes seems to have died down in recent years, due in part by the unbelievable realization that this food, which used to be considered a dessert, carried with it a lot sugar and a lot of calories. Crumbs Cupcakes, the largest of the bakeries to go national has had a large reduction in sales.

Healthier Options

One traditional cupcake can contain up to 750 calories. Then there are people like me who never eat ONE cupcake. Not to worry. One can easily google hundreds of healthy, low calorie, nutritious and even vegan chocolate desserts.

So, this October 18, enjoy the day with a cupcake...or two.

Vegan Cupcakes

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

— Charles M. Schulz


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      We had a lot of cupcakes shops open up after marijuana became legal. LOL I wonder if there is a correlation.

    • bearnmom profile image

      Laura L Scotty 

      4 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

      You have created an awareness of cupcakes in place of the traditional cake. In the past few months, I have bought half cakes, square single layer cakes and dozens of cupcakes from the local supermarket. Sam's Club makes an Artisan cupcake with 4 flavors. Sadly you can't buy the flavors individually because my son and I find the triple chocolate too overpowering with chocolate and I'm a chocoholic. Perhaps I'll do a hub on those.


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